CSR Minute: Cigna Expands Community Caring Awards Grants; Novo Nordisk Publishes 7th Annual Integrated Annual Report

Feb 21, 2011 10:00 AM ET

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Press Release

Cigna is expanding its Community Caring Awards to include $100 grants when CIGNA employees participate in organized healthy activities such as runs, walks, and cycling events held in support of community organizations. The new program is aimed at helping communities and enhancing the personal health of CIGNA’s 24,000 US-based employees. The current CIGNA Foundation Caring Awards encourage volunteerism by donating $200 grants to charitable organizations where employees volunteer 20 or more hours per year outside of work hours. 

Novo Nordisk has published its seventh annual integrated report on the company’s 2010 results. The report includes information on sales, and healthcare systems, but also on resource consumption and CO2 emissions. Among the highlights are a reduction of 35 percent in carbon emissions compared to 2009, and expanded support for healthcare in developing countries, growth achieved by donating $12.5 million to the World Diabetes Foundation and $2.7 million to the Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation.

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