CSR Minute: Texas Instruments Sponsors 23rd Annual T-3 International Conference; Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy Presents International Corporate Philanthropy Day

Feb 25, 2011 9:52 AM ET

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Press Release

The 23rd Annual T-3 International Conference, sponsored by Texas Instruments, opens today in Dallas, Texas. For the next three days more than 1,600 educators from around the world will meet to discuss “Teachers Teaching with Technology” in over 500 workshop sessions. Among this year’s major topics is how technology can help at-risk children. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that more than 32 million students in the U.S. are considered “at-risk.”

Next Monday is International Corporate Philanthropy Day, an annual event sponsored by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. On Monday, CECP will hold its “Board of Boards CEO Conference” for 100 global CEOs who will meet to talk about corporate philanthropy from an executive point of view. This year, CECP has invited delegations of CEOs from the Middle East and China to join with its partner, the United Nations, in a special program for 600 representatives from the nonprofit, government, and corporate sectors. The UN program will focus on Millennium Development Goal 2, the commitment to Universal Primary Education.

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