CSR Minute: The Cooperative Launches Ethical Operating Plan for UK Members; Trend Micro + International Safety Coalition Open User-Generated Contest

Feb 22, 2011 9:40 AM ET

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Press Release

The Cooperative has launched an Ethical Operating plan, with 47 specific social and environmental commitments. The commitments include encouraging ethical consumerism, continuing a profit-sharing strategy, and campaigning for a more sustainable world The Cooperative, a 150-year old British organization with six million members, distributed 40 percent of its profits last year to members, staff, and community groups.

Trend Micro and the International Safety Coalition have launched their second annual “What’s Your Story?” contest. The video contest is an user-generated competition to encourage youth to become leaders in educating others about being safe online. Any student,13 and older, can submit a video to inform their peers about risks on the Internet and how to stay safe when texting, instant messaging, or using social networking sites. The contest will be judged by a group of leading online organizations including Childnet International, Faebook, and Web  Wise Kids.

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