Honda Adds Gas-Electric Hybrids to Accord Models; Toronto Hydro Offers Grants for Retrofits and New Equipment; Xcel Energy Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index - Energy Minute for September 25, 2012

Sep 25, 2012 6:30 AM ET
Press Release

Honda will add two gasoline-electric hybrids next year to its Accord sedan lineup. The cars will use a plug-in hybrid that runs for 10-15 miles on battery power before the gas engine kicks in. Both will be sold as 2014 models next spring.

Toronto Hydro is offering programs that provide financial incentives and funding grants for small business equipment retrofits and energy management systems. Businesses within the Greater Toronto Area can receive business funding grants toward energy efficiency improvements within industrial or commercial facilities. The programs are intended to improve peak energy demand from commercial and industrial sectors while improving businesses’ bottom lines through increased energy savings.

Xcel Energy has been named to the 2012-2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America. The index tracks the performance of the top 20 percent of the 600 largest Canadian and U.S. companies that are considered best in class for sustainability. The annual index assessment includes a review of more than 100 economic, environmental and social metrics.

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Video Source: Honda Adds Gas-Electric Hybrids to Accord Models; Toronto Hydro Offers Grants for Retrofits; Xcel Energy Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index