KooDooZ® and O2 MAX Fitness, Inc. Address Childhood Obesity

Encouraging Families to Participate in Tour de Fitness Events in their Communities
Aug 3, 2009 8:00 AM ET
Press Release

SANTA MONICA, CA (August 3rd, 2009):  KooDooZ Corporation announced today a social marketing campaign partnership with O2 MAX Fitness, Inc. encouraging American youth to raise awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic with a Tour de Fitness.  

Childhood obesity is a health epidemic that demands action today: according to federal data, in the U.S., the number of overweight children between the ages of 6 and 11 has more than doubled, and the number of overweight children between the ages of 12 and 19 has more than tripled.  Clear evidence for the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, adult obesity and cancer exists as a result of America’s expanding waistlines.  

Up to 100 Southern Californians are invited to join O2 MAX and KooDooZ on August 15th, 2009 to raise awareness for youth health and wellness.  Participants will receive health and wellness products from brands such as EcoUsable, Equinox, Clif Bar, Whole Foods, lululemon, Bossa Nova, MacroLife Naturals, Total Golf Adventures and more as they walk, lunge and jog their way through Santa Monica.

Tour de Fitness is a challenge that enables youth and their families to enjoy a day of activities while promoting the importance of health and fitness,” said Karen Jashinsky, O2 MAX founder and CEO.   “O2 MAX powered the event last year as a guerilla marketing promotion for our teen fitness center.  Our partnership with KooDooZ enables us to embrace a larger segment of society by engaging families through social media.”

“Given that social networks play such an important role in the lives of youth, KooDooZ has a unique opportunity to engage kids virtually as well as virtuously.  We wanted to find a partner who could develop a body challenge that would have real-world impact and make us look at our own attitudes and behaviors relating to youth wellness,” said Lee Fox, founder of KooDooZ, a website that challenges kids to achieve.

“Two years ago, a report was issued by Christakis and Fowler which suggested weight gain by a friend increases your odds of obesity by 57% simply because it becomes acceptable.  Social issues like these are not typically seen in youth-facing online properties,” said Fox.  “But we’re looking at the first generation in history that will not outlive their parents unless they get involved.  KooDooZ asks kids to tackle everyday challenges and turn them into lifelong achievements.  Whereas most youth properties dumb it down with cartoon caricatures, KooDooZ gives this generation of change-makers a chance to build character and make a difference.”

To learn more about the Tour de Fitness ’09 in Santa Monica as well as how to plan one in your community, please see www.KooDooZ.com.


About KooDooZ® Corporation: 

KooDooZ® is a new-to-market website designed to empower youth by challenging them to find their life balance of heart, mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s attaining a personal goal, accomplishing a community objective, or being part of a humanitarian cause, KooDooZ lays the foundation for middle and high school kids to understand how to articulate and act upon their own values, motivations and passions. Inherent in this COPPA-compliant site is the concept of social learning and service to communities. KooDooZ enables non-profits, schools, student ministries, youth clubs and brands to challenge kids to do social good. The site also gives KDZ (KooDooZ users) the ability to share their good intents with friends and family who can elect to pledge and reward these young change-makers for turning a challenge into a real-world achievement. Ultimately, KDZ are empowered to make a difference. For more information, please see www.KooDooZ.com.

About O2 MAX Fitness Incorporated: 

O2 MAX is a youth fitness media company with a fitness studio based in Santa Monica whose mission is to make fitness cool, fun and social for today’s youth through innovative programs, events, campaigns and social media.  O2 MAX offers programs and workouts for middle school, high school and college students such as prom shape-up, beat the freshman 15 and its Family Fitness Program which offers families ways to stay active together. For more information, please see www.o2maxfitness.com.  

Lee Fox