Manpower Group: A People Company - CSR Minute for January 3, 2013

Jan 3, 2013 9:00 AM ET

Manpower and CSR: How We Do It

In this three-part interview, David Arkless, President, Corporate and Government Affairs of Manpower, talks about how Manpower’s business strategy aligns with CSR, the company’s three-part CSR strategy, and why business must address human rights.

Part 1: Manpower is a People Company
Part 2: A Three-Part CSR Strategy
Part 3: Why Business Must Address Human Rights—Now

Press Release

We’ve been around for about 65 years, we are a people company.  Every year we have around about four and a half million full-time employees who are employed by us.  The interesting thing is that we very often put them in other people’s companies so that “our” employees are working for somebody else.  Companies do that for flexibility, for ramping up production, for getting skills that they normally don’t have.  Over the years we developed set of values in the company which is, what do we really stand for?, What we really stand for is, if somebody wants a job globally or anywhere locally, we believe they should have an opportunity to do so.  So, what we do is we connect people with opportunities in the labor market. We attract people, we test them, we assess them, we train them, we develop them and we put them into fair and safe jobs at good salary levels.  Our values really were that we should give people the opportunity to do that, and we’ve done some fantastic corporate responsibility contributions over the years. But we started off with the core of the business which was putting people to work.  We developed numbers of programs in our 100 countries where we take people and marginalized communities, disabled people, people that have never had an opportunity to be educated trend or develop and put them to work. 

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