Online Luxury Gift Boutique Brings Transparency To The Forefront of the Shopping Experience So Consumers Can Make Informed Decisions

In an Ever More Complex Marketplace, an Elegant Solution: Information Empowers Meaningful Purchase Choices
Jul 31, 2009 4:15 PM ET
Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Oakland, CA - July 31, 2009 –Elegant Roots, an online boutique offering high-quality, luxury gifts made exclusively by eco-conscious and socially responsible designers from across the globe announces it has embarked on a web redesign—to enhance a unique format that provides customers with the who (made this product), what (is it made from), where (was it made) and why (beyond form and function, is it worth buying) - information they need to feel great about what they are buying and giving.

Every product on the site – from accessories, jewelry and spa products to gifts for home, men, babies/kids and even pets – has been thoroughly vetted against the company’s core values of quality, relevance, transparency, encouragement and responsibility to ensure that all products offered are not only beautifully crafted, but created in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways. This information, available on the website since its October 2008 launch will be mae even more accessible so consumers can see the full story behind what they are buying. From Ethiopia where Ellen Dorsch of Creative Women provides economic independence for local women by bringing their exquisite traditional textiles to the world to New York City where Angela Jia Kim of Om Aroma designs her all natural and organic body indulgences to accompany her virtuoso piano performances, to the packaging and fulfillment house used, every aspect of Elegant Roots’ business succeeds in adhering to the following principles:

Quality: The website offers beautifully handcrafted, luxury products with true intrinsic value – all delivered in luxurious but environmentally responsible, eco-friendly packaging, free of charge, even though doing so reduces profits.

Relevance: All gifts are produced by small designers/businesses that are socially and/or environmentally relevant to people and the planet in some significant way – no gifts are massed produced in anonymous factories, designers and vendors personally make all of the products or are closely involved in the process, and all adhere to fair prices, fair wages and good working conditions for their employees, without exception.

Transparency: The website provides detailed information on each designer/vendor and their fair business practices, lists of all ingredients used for personal care products, origins of major components and where products are made or assembled, and each designer’s unique and inspiring story to tell – so customers can make responsible choices.

Encouragement: By answering who, what, where and why, consumers are encouraged to make responsible buying decisions that will improve the lives of people and planet – and a portion of the company’s profit dollars are given to Elegant Village Foundation, the company’s non-profit arm that will provide micro-loans to needy and deserving entrepreneurs around the globe.

Responsibility: Elegant Roots runs its business in an eco-conscious and socially responsible manner, even when that reduces profit. Among many other things, the company operates largely paper-free, recycles, reuses and buys the few supplies needed from Give Something Back, a  responsible business products company and Elegant Roots never private labels products so designers receive the credit and recognition they deserve, and never demands exclusivity so designers can be as successful as possible.

"In today's world, as words like green, eco-conscious, sustainable, and fair trade have become critical to more and more people, greenwashing has made it more and more difficult to make responsible buying decisions," said Rob Favole, Co-Founder & President of Elegant Roots. "In response, Elegant Roots promises absolute transparency in providing customers the information they need to align their purchases with their values. Gifts as meaningful as the giving sentiment."

About Elegant Roots

Elegant Roots, a branch of Elegant Village LLC, is a values based online luxury gift boutique that transparently offers high-quality artisanal gifts from eco-conscious and socially responsible designers and small businesses. Founded on the conviction that making sustainable artisanal products commercially available benefits everyone, Elegant Roots serves customers, stakeholders and planet by consistently delivering a relevant gifting experience. They  push themselves and encourage others to conduct business in a more responsible way, including creating an environment where customers care to ask and business authentically answers four fundamental questions: who made this product, what is it made from, where was it made and why, beyond its form and function, is it worth buying? Their name reflects their mission: they offer one small but elegant solution to the growing concern for people and planet by transparently presenting gifts with eco-conscious and socially responsible roots. For more information, go to

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