Tata Steel, TCFD Organise Programme on Issue of Climate Change


Originally posted on India Today.
Mumbai, Sep 22 (PTI) Tata Steel in collaboration with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) today organised an outreach programme to discuss ways to manage risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Magnificent Mile: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


In honor of Mary Kay’s Global Month of Service, the North Central branch in Chicago was looking for an extra special project to do for Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary. While we brainstormed ideas, tragedy struck. We heard the sad news that Jennifer Buckles, the Wellness Manager at Mary Kay had lost her battle with cancer. She had been so positive she would beat it. We were devastated. Although we would never know the hardship she endured, we knew she would want us to honor her by doing something healthy. She inspired us to host a “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” fundraiser. 

One Woman Can - MK5K

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Beauty That Counts

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and BCancer Awareness Month. The Mary Kay Foundation is a leader in helping end violence against women and finding a cure for cancers affecting women. What better way to support both of these causes than through The Mary Kay Foundation’s MK5K?


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