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NORTHAMPTON, Mass., February 8, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting is growing globally yet many brands continue to suffer from a lack of awareness among key stakeholders about their organisations’ many environmental, social and governance (ESG) successes.

First-Ever All “Green” Scores for Department of Transportation - The Minute

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While the daily news describes an apparently dysfunctional federal government, beneath those alarming headlines some federal agencies are working quite well, and making good progress on long-term sustainability goals. For example, the Department of Transportation has just earned all-green scores for the first time ever from the Office of Management and Budget’s Sustainability and Energy scorecard.

From Trend to Practice: CSR and Sustainability Become Business as Usual - The CSR Minute

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Not so long ago, corporate social responsibility and sustainability were talked about as trends. Today, those concepts are firmly embedded in the mainstream of business strategies and practices.

“America’s Pledge” Report Affirms US Commitment to Paris Accord on Climate Change - The Minute

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Last week saw the boldest example yet of business taking the lead to fight climate change since the Trump administration’s announced intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement earlier this year.

Renewable Energy Grows: By the Numbers - The Minute

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A new survey finds that renewable energy has hit a record high in popularity among the public in the UK, with an approval rating of 82 percent. The Energy and Climate Change Public Attitude Tracker poll, conducted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has been taken every three months since 2012. This most recent survey marks a five percent increase in public approval since the previous one.

Classic Philanthropy Funds Good Causes, From Cancer to Disaster Relief - The Minute

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While some companies are expanding their definitions of corporate social responsibility, others are doubling down on traditional philanthropic practices to make big impacts for good causes. 

The MBA Degree: Going Out of Business? - The Minute

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One of the country’s oldest business schools, the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business, may shut down its M.B.A. program. The university is considering ending its full-time master’s of business administration and replacing it with shorter term, more specialized degrees, according to the Wall Street Journal. The school is offering part-time programs in finance and accounting, to meet demand for more niche certifications.

Youth Gets Community-Minded Messages - CSR Minute

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Now that schools are back in full session, messages to engage youth in community-minded initiatives are being promoted through a variety of programs.

Food Companies Support Social Issues Despite Profit Pressures - CSR Minute

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The food industry is facing unprecedented pressure to change its practices and strategies, and boost its bottom lines. But behind the headlines about thin profit margins, cutthroat competition, changing consumer tastes, and technological disruption, the largest food companies are addressing social issues. Some examples:

SRI Mega-Merger: Impax Asset Management Group Acquires Pax World Management - The Minute

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Two pioneers in sustainable investing have just made a big move together in response to the rapid growth in the SRI field. Pax World Management, a New Hampshire-based investment advisor to Pax World Funds, has agreed to be acquired by Impax Asset Management Group, a UK-based firm.


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