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How Merck Is Using 3D Printing To Create Innovative Solutions

3D technology is helping optimize workstreams, shorten turn-around times, reduce costs and drive innovation

Merck’s 3D Technologies (3DT) organization is transforming the way we work in the discovery, development and commercialization of our medicines and vaccines for both human and animal health.

And, just as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are rapidly gaining in popularity, 3D printing has captured the attention of teams across our company who are using 3DT products in labs, manufacturing sites and even in outer space.

What is 3D printing?

Generation Impact Episode 2: The Inventor

Multimedia with summary

Inspired by a robotic arm he built as a teen that won a state science fair, 25-year old inventor and entrepreneur Easton LaChappelle developed the world’s lightest weight and most affordable bionic limb using 3D printing technology.

A Perfect Fit: How 3D Printing Is Shaping a New Era of Customized Care

From insoles for foot pain to casts and splints, 3D-printed devices are making one-size-fits-all healthcare a thing of the past.

By Jackie Snow

When you think about the possibilities 3D printing brings to healthcare — things like bioprinted organs and a custom mix of medications printed in a single pill — it sounds straight out of science fiction.

Generation Impact: Young Inventor's Love of Robotics Puts Prosthetic Arms Within Reach

The Inventor profiles brilliant entrepreneur Easton LaChappelle, who uses 3D printing technology to build custom prostheses for people with limb differences.

By Courtney Rubin

Easton LaChappelle made his first robotic hand in eighth grade — a confection of electrical tubing, fishing lines, and tape made in his bedroom, watching instructional videos. The fingers could move, but it couldn’t grab objects very accurately. Immediately he wondered: How can I make it more human-like?

Rockwell Automation Technical Consultant's 3D Printing Hobby Produces Free Prosthetics


CAPE TOWN, South Africa, November 8, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Rockwell Automation’s (NYSE: ROK) Jason Heineberg’s 3D printing expertise and hobby gives new meaning to the phrase “lend a hand.” Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the information software technical consultant produces 3D-printed prosthetic hands that are provided free to patients who otherwise could not afford them.

Cummins is Poised and Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution


Cummins Inc. officially launched its Manufacturing Industry 4.0 strategy with its first-annual Industry 4.0 Virtual Symposium. Over the course of four days, the company hosted 17 sessions introducing Cummins' Industry 4.0 strategy, providing overviews and demonstrations of the latest technology and automation solutions, including digital twin, 3D printing and more. Some technologies, like binder jet printing use less energy and drastically reduce waste.  

Print My Ride: How 3D Technology Is Keeping Vehicles on the Road and Out of the Scrapyard

Additive manufacturing is reviving older vehicles and reducing waste, with 3D-printed spare parts that may be even better than the originals.

The automaker Nissan stopped making the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R in 1994, but the performance sports car is still beloved by enthusiasts in Japan and beyond. Earlier this year, Nissan announced that it would start using HP Jet Fusion 3D printers to create a much-needed spare part for the R32 Skyline GT-R — a plastic harness protector. Customers were thrilled.

Plant-Powered Packaging Protects Products and the Planet


If you’ve picked up a carton of eggs at the supermarket or plucked your new cell phone from its box, you’re familiar with molded fiber packaging.

Pushing the Limits of What's Possible: A New Frontier of HP Innovation

By Enrique Lores, President & CEO at HP

The belief that anything is possible has always driven me in my career. From the day I arrived at HP as an engineering intern, I learned that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it—as long as you put in the work. And looking back on the storied history of our company, I can point to many examples where people have turned moments of inspiration into groundbreaking innovation.

The Change Makers: 3D Printing is Transforming Manufacturing Inside and Out at This Koch Company


At John Zink Hamworthy Combustion (JZHC), additive manufacturing isn’t limited to the manufacturing floor. The emissions control equipment company has sprinkled 3D printers throughout its global organization, including installing one in every department of its Tulsa, Oklahoma, headquarters. This 3D-printing initiative gives all employees a chance to see their ideas come to life, layer by layer, whether for personal or business use.



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