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VIDEO | Barclays Citizenship Awards: The JOBLINGE Mentors Team Helps Provide Access to Employment

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Colleagues in Hamburg and Frankfurt partnered with the JOBLINGE Foundation to support over 124 people to find a job through mentoring and CV workshops, achieving 77% job placements as a result. In Germany, 500,000 young people are unable to find jobs or apprenticeships despite a shortage of skilled workers. In response, colleagues established a partnership with the JOBLINGE Foundation, who support young people aged 16-25 struggling to find employment on their own.

VIDEO | Barclays Citizenship Awards: Team CXWorks - Access to Employment

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Team CXWorks partnered with Tech Impact to develop a curriculum for a call centre training programme in Nevada to support unemployed young adults. The team volunteered 250+ hours to deliver vocational training, resulting in employment being secured. In Nevada, almost 10% of young adults aged 16-24 are unemployed. Tech Impact provides workforce development programmes to disadvantaged youths in Wilmington, DE and Las Vegas, NV. Working with Tech Impact, Barclays colleagues created a curriculum for call centre training to establish a hiring pipeline in Nevada.

The “Working Poor” Are One Crisis Away From Homelessness


Did you know that in Central Florida, 1 in 6 people are food insecure? Yes, in America! Over 40% of families in Central Florida are classified as “working poor”. The “working poor” are one crisis away from homelessness.

Christian HELP works with unemployed and the underemployed because both people groups are at risk for homelessness and this affects everyone. Our mission is to help prevent homelessness by finding people jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually.

Barclays Releases New Access to Employment Report


The past decade has seen arguably the greatest shift in employment models for a generation. Technology has in part driven a de-centralisation in employment in a way not seen since the mass-privatisations of the 1980s in the UK.

Back then we saw public sector employment peak at over 7m in 1979; just a decade later this had fallen to less than 5.8m and would carry on falling until the turn of the century1.

LifeSkills Extends Business in the Community Partnership


LifeSkills created with Barclays has signed new partnerships with Business in the Community (BITC) in Scotland and Northern Ireland, helping the employability programme to reach those young people who need it most. We talk to one school in South Wales – where a partnership with BITC Cymru has been running since 2015 – about the difference the initiative has made.

Cyfarthfa High School is a mixed secondary school of 1,200 pupils in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales that used to be based partly in Cyfarthfa Castle, built by a wealthy Victorian family at the height of the iron industry.

How Connect with Work is Transforming Young Lives

Barclays CEO Jes Staley met four young people who have benefited from the bank’s innovative Connect with Work programme – and heard their difficult and inspiring stories.

“I had a traumatic family life when I was growing up,” Jae Foster told Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive of Barclays, in a boardroom at the bank’s headquarters in Canary Wharf. “As a child, I was often exposed to domestic violence.”

Jae, 27, was one of four young people who have had difficult experiences but are now working thanks to Barclays’ new Connect with Work scheme – an innovative employability programme.

Barclays: Creating Access to Employment


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‘I feel like I have a role here’, says Alex an apprentice with Growing Underground. Alex comes from a tough part of London with limited job opportunities and without the relevant qualifications to pursue a more business-centric path, he was unsure of his career prospects.

Barclays’ Shared Growth Ambition: Q&A with Diane Eshleman


Diane Eshleman is Barclays’ Head of Citizenship and Reputation. She is responsible for citizenship, corporate social policies and related strategic initiatives that drive value for all of Barclays’ stakeholders. 

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