Active Energy Management (AEM)

Making the Case for Connecting Efficiency and Sustainability Teams


Energy and sustainability are inherently linked. Energy efficiency pays dividends by trimming consumption and costs. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), implementing energy efficiency initiatives is the best way to act on climate change as it can reduce CO2 emissions by 38 percent. Companies that operate efficiency and sustainability initiatives in tandem improve productivity, maximize impact and see a greater return on investment.

€1.5M Savings Found by iomart Taking a Strategic Approach to Climate Change with Schneider Electric Services


Experts have predicted the amount of energy used by data centers will triple in the next decade, and as a responsible cloud computing company, iomart has started its journey to sustainable growth through lower energy consumption across its data centers. The company turned to Schneider Electric to lower energy use, meet energy compliance standards, and manage volatile energy costs.

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