Amgen Biotech Experience

Meet Henry Chou, Amgen Biotech Experience Alumni


Henry Chou | South San Francisco, California

  • Amgen Biotech Experience Year: 1992
  • Current Profession/Academic Ambitions: Business Analyst in Global Commercial Operations Information Systems, Amgen, Inc.
"Science is not about text books, it’s not about testing. It’s something in everyday life."

How the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Shaped My Educational & Professional Path

Meet Angeline Marcks, Amgen Biotech Experience Alumni


Angeline Marcks | Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Amgen Biotech Experience Year: 2011-2012
  • Current Profession/Academic Ambitions: Undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island hoping to one day research genetically modified foods.

"The hands-on components of ABE were much better than what was offered in other science courses I had taken. They are really what turned me on to science as a potential career."

Amgen Foundation Programs for Teachers


Amgen Foundation has supported more than 6,000 teachers with effective professional development, strengthening their ability to deliver high quality services: 

Science Education Programs for Students Offered by Amgen Foundation


Amgen Foundation’s science education programs give over 2,000,000 students hands-on experiences in science: 

Meet Huw Williams, Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher


Huw Williams | Cambridge, United Kingdom  

  • ABE Participating School: Long Road Sixth Form College
  • Subject and Grade Taught: Applied Science and Biology at Level 3 (A-level and BTEC awards used for University entrance and for vocational work related career routes)
  • Years Teaching: 16
  • Years Participating in ABE: 4

"ABE enables teachers to have their ‘own experience’ including reflections and understandings."

Meet Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Dr. Howard Goldsweig


Dr. Howard Goldsweig | Dorchester, MA 

  • ABE Participating School: Codman Academy Charter School
  • Subject and Grade Taught: iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) Coach
  • Years Teaching: 2
  • Years Participating in ABE: 2
"ABE provides a great, understandable, teacher introduction to biotech using the latest techniques."

Unique Journey to Teaching & ABE


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