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Meet Hülya Bal from Turkey


School: Gölbaşi Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology, K9-K12

Years Teaching: 24

Years in Amgen Teach Community: 3

Participation in Amgen Teach Programme: Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab (Friday 3rd of June (starting time: 19:30 CEST) to Sunday 5th of June (end time: 13:30 CEST)

Meet Harald von Beringe from Austria


Subject and Grade Taught: Biology, Physics and Chemistry, 10-14 year-old-students in the secondary school

Years in Amgen Teach community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach Program: National Training

"I joined the Amgen Teach Program because I like opportunities to get for networking with other teachers and I like the hands-on approach.

In the teachers workshop I have participated we did a lot of inquiry based learning and it gave me a lot courage to use it in my classroom 

Meet Nathalie Mattys from Belgium


School: ENCBW

Subject and Grade Taught: Chemistry, Teaching to in-training students

Years Teaching: 20

Year in Amgen Teach Community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach Program: National Training


"I participated in Amgen Teach because I wa invited and I found the subject very interesting and important for the students. Amgen Teach has enhanced my confidence and ability to use inquiry-based education in my classroom. I was already sometimes working by inquiry but Amgen Teach give me new ideas, in enzymology for example.

Ridgeview High School Students Show House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Their Lab Expertise


Stepping away from his day job for a few hours, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield on April 22nd to participate in the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) and truly see the power of hands-on learning.

Amgen Scholars Gather in New York


Amgen Scholars hailing from programs across the globe gathered in New York this month for an alumni reunion at Columbia University. There, they got a chance to connect with one another as well as with a few incoming 2016 Amgen Scholars, program leaders and faculty mentors.

In addition, Amgen’s Executive Director of Research Margaret Chu-Moyer spoke about her personal journey and the professional path she took to her current position, telling attendees, "Follow the science; find your passion; fulfill a life of purpose."

Career Focus: Epidemiology in Pharma and Biotech


When you think of epidemiology, you may picture a team of health professionals working to track an outbreak of infection. But an entirely different kind of scientific sleuthing is done within pharma and biotech companies.

2011 Amgen Scholar Vanessa Gray Delves Into DNA, Including Her Own


In 2009, as a sophomore at Arizona State University in Tempe, Vanessa Gray started what would become a fruitful beginning as a scientist. She began conducting research with Sudhir Kumar, whose group uses genomics data from species ranging from primates to fish to make inferences about human disease.

Although she was new to the lab setting, Gray quickly learned how to make use of computational tools that analyze genomic data with help from Kumar.

2010 LMU Amgen Scholar Bartosz Helfer Takes His Summer Project to Publication


In 2009, Bartosz Helfer was well into earning his bachelor’s degree in cognitive sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, one of the biggest universities in one of the largest cities in Poland.

But even so, Helfer didn’t have much of an opportunity to try hands-on research. The university’s cognitive sciences program was new—his student cohort was among the first—and it emphasized theoretical rather than applied research.

Meet the Scientist: Margaret Chu-Moyer’s Unexpected Path to Biotech


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