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Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Jenny Lai


“This has helped me confirm my decision to strive for an M.D. – Ph.D. as I have seen the way in which research and medicine coincide and reinforce each other.”

Host University: The University of Tokyo
Home University: Harvard University
Amgen Scholar Year: 2015
Major: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Expected Graduation: 2017

Academic and Professional Ambitions:

What inspired you to major in science?

Amgen Foundation and Khan Academy Come Together to Provide Biology Resources for Students


Here at the Amgen Foundation, we are deeply committed to inspiring the scientists of tomorrow. Our approach is to invest in creating excellent opportunities for students to learn science, and for science teachers to become even better at nurturing their students’ interest in the subject.

Meet Randall Chin, Amgen Biotech Experience and Amgen Scholars Alumni


Randall Chin | Los Angeles, California

Amgen Biotech Experience Year: 2002

Current Profession/Academic Ambitions: Postdoctoral Fellow, Jing Huang Laboratory, UCLA

"ABE was my only encounter with hands-on activities in science class which allowed me to actually experience the science and personally relate to the lessons."

How the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) Shaped My Educational & Professional Path

Meet Angeline Marcks, Amgen Biotech Experience Alumni


Angeline Marcks | Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Amgen Biotech Experience Year: 2011-2012
  • Current Profession/Academic Ambitions: Undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island hoping to one day research genetically modified foods.

"The hands-on components of ABE were much better than what was offered in other science courses I had taken. They are really what turned me on to science as a potential career."

Amgen Teach: Supporting Science Educators Across Europe

Multimedia with summary

Amgen Teach deepens student interest and achievement in science by strengthening the ability of teachers to use enquiry-based teaching strategies in the classroom. Through support from the Amgen Foundation, Amgen Teach provides professional development opportunities for life science teachers in ten countries across Europe through training workshops and distance learning events.

Guest Post by Sam Gary: Attending the 2015 U.S. Amgen Scholar Symposium


It’s the homestretch, but instead of cars racing to the finish line, there are over 200 young scientists scrambling to collect significant data worthy of publication.

Guest Post by Isabelle Rosenthal: Attending the 2015 U.S. Amgen Scholar Symposium


Guest post written by Caltech Amgen Scholar Isabelle Rosenthal

As we clambered out of the bus, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Amgen Symposium which was taking place over the next few days. I had already spent the previous four weeks as an Amgen Scholar at Caltech getting to know my compatriots there, but this was new territory on another campus and with every Amgen Scholar in the country.

Exploring Long-Term Solutions To Strengthen the Diversity and Support of the STEM Teacher Workforce


By Dr. Joseph Wilson and Eduardo Celtin
Dr. Joseph Wilson is a Teach For America—Phoenix alumnus and senior managing director of the organization’s STEM initiative. 
Eduardo Celtin is the president of Amgen Foundation


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