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Meet Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Dr. Howard Goldsweig


Dr. Howard Goldsweig | Dorchester, MA 

  • ABE Participating School: Codman Academy Charter School
  • Subject and Grade Taught: iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) Coach
  • Years Teaching: 2
  • Years Participating in ABE: 2
"ABE provides a great, understandable, teacher introduction to biotech using the latest techniques."

Unique Journey to Teaching & ABE

Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Timothy Chai


Timothy Chai

Saratoga, CA

“We’re a very diverse group of students with a similar passion for science. The Amgen Scholars Program’s done a spectacular job of putting together a well-rounded group of people.”

Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Maryann Castillo


Maryann Castillo

Anthony, NM

“This program gave me a great opportunity to conduct prestigious research and make countless professional connections.”

Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Milica Vunjak


Milica Vunjak
Belgrade, Serbia

“This was a great opportunity for me to see if I was capable of doing independent research as I would need to for a Ph.D.”

Amgen Biotech Experience: Where We Are


Explore the map of schools using the ABE program and find the program sites and distribution centers for the ABE program.

For additional information regarding the program, please contact the ABE program site near you or contact the ABE Program Office.

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Meet Randy Schekman, PhD - a Professor, Nobel Prize Winner and Amgen Scholar Mentor


Growing up, Randy Schekman was always enthusiastic about math and science. But the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine—for his fundamental work showing how proteins move within cells and are secreted—first developed a passion for bench biology as an undergraduate.

Meet Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Monica Barsever


Monica Barsever | Sierra Madre, California

  • ABE Participating School: Alverno High School
  • Subject and Grade Taught: 9th – 12th AP/Honors Biology, AP Environmental Science, Honors Physics, Honors Independent Research in Science
  • Years Teaching: 5
  • Years Participating in ABE: 4

"This lab changes their whole attitude of whether or not they’re the ‘type’ of person who can do science. And for young girls, that’s huge."

Unique Journey to Teaching & ABE

Meet Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Christine Martin


Christine Martin | Cambridge, United Kingdom

ABE Participating School: Impington Village College
Subject and Grade Taught: Biology, Years 7 – 13 (11 – 18 year olds)
Years Teaching: 8
Years Participating in ABE: 4
"One of my Year 13 students told me the other day that having the hands-on experience with ABE put her in a very good position when she was being interviewed to go on to University to study genetics."


Bringing Biotech Into Classrooms Through Amgen Biotech Experience

Multimedia with summary

The Amgen Biotech Experience empowers teachers to bring biotechnology into their classrooms to spark students’ love of science. The program provides teacher professional development and features a hands-on curriculum that introduces students to the excitement of scientific discovery. 


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