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Insistent for Progress: 2007 Scholar Elisabeth Krow-Lucal’s Commitment to Human Health


When Elisabeth Krow-Lucal started college at the University of California, San Diego in 2005, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to work in a lab that studies the bubonic plague or another infectious disease that changed the course of history?”

How To Get Involved in the Amgen Biotech Experience


How to Get Involved


The ABE program loans a kit of research-grade equipment and supplies and offers professional development to allow teachers to conduct the lab activities with their students. Find an ABE program site near you for professional development opportunities and access to this exciting program! You can also find upcoming professional development opportunities below.

Biotechnology professionals

Meet Amgen Scholar Alex Bates


“The Amgen Scholars Program has been the biggest and most immersive scientific experience I have had in my life.”

Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators

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The Amgen Foundation supports professional development opportunities for life science teachers in ten countries across Europe through training workshops and distance learning events. Amgen Teach deepens student interest and achievement in science by strengthening the ability of teachers to use enquiry-based teaching strategies in the classroom.

LMU Amgen Scholar Milica Vunjak Gets Access to Crucial Research Tools


As a young girl growing up in a small town in northern Serbia, Milica Vunjak spent more than 10 years studying ballet. During that period, when she wasn’t in school, or studying, she was dancing. Her dedication paid off when, at 14, she won second prize in a national ballet contest, the Serbian republic competition of Music and Ballet schools.

During high school, her other passion and talent pulled her along a new path. She was good at chemistry and biology, and an enthusiastic chemistry teacher encouraged her to pursue science at university

The Pioneers of the Amgen Biotech Experience

Pioneers lay the roads for those who follow to walk on. ~ Unknown

Though the Amgen Biotech Experience now reaches more than 60,000 students and hundreds of teachers each year, the program had humble beginnings. It all started with a group of scientists and teachers who had a passion for sharing their knowledge with students.

Meet Amgen Scholar Oarteze Hunter


“Being in the presence of these big professors and doctors and having the chance to dialogue with them has been really inspiring.”

Meet Amgen Scholar Hildigunnur Anna Hall


Hildigunnur Anna Hall

Reykjavik, Iceland

“I didn’t really know what psychologists in the lab do. I mean, yes, I’ve read scientific papers, but nothing beats hands-on experience.”

Host University: University of Cambridge
Home University: University of Iceland
Amgen Scholar Year: 2014
Major: Psychology
Expected Graduation: 2016

Journey to Science

Amgen Foundation Has Committed Over $100M to STEM Education


The Amgen Foundation has created a two-pronged approach to inspire the next generation of innovators: (1) investing in and supporting science teachers; and (2) creating hands-on opportunities for students.

Meet Amgen Scholar Alumni Randy Cuevas


Randy Cuevas

Bronx, NY

“The most rewarding part is feeling like a scientist. They take the training wheels off after the first week of this program.”

Host University: Stanford University
Home University: Skidmore University
Amgen Scholar Year: 2014
Major: Biology
Expected Graduation: 2016

Journey to Science


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