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Career Focus: Epidemiology in Pharma and Biotech


When you think of epidemiology, you may picture a team of health professionals working to track an outbreak of infection. But an entirely different kind of scientific sleuthing is done within pharma and biotech companies.

2011 Amgen Scholar Vanessa Gray Delves Into DNA, Including Her Own


In 2009, as a sophomore at Arizona State University in Tempe, Vanessa Gray started what would become a fruitful beginning as a scientist. She began conducting research with Sudhir Kumar, whose group uses genomics data from species ranging from primates to fish to make inferences about human disease.

Although she was new to the lab setting, Gray quickly learned how to make use of computational tools that analyze genomic data with help from Kumar.

2010 LMU Amgen Scholar Bartosz Helfer Takes His Summer Project to Publication


In 2009, Bartosz Helfer was well into earning his bachelor’s degree in cognitive sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, one of the biggest universities in one of the largest cities in Poland.

But even so, Helfer didn’t have much of an opportunity to try hands-on research. The university’s cognitive sciences program was new—his student cohort was among the first—and it emphasized theoretical rather than applied research.

Amgen Scholars Travel Award Helps Carolyn Valdez Make Crucial Contacts


Carolyn Valdez was nervous, but ready. She was about to get up in front of 70 conference attendees, including prominent scientists in the field of proton-coupled electron transfer, and explain her research as a graduate student in chemistry. She came prepared, having rehearsed her 30-minute presentation many times before. Still, this felt like a big deal — and it was.

Travel Award Allows Amgen Scholar to Present Sweet New Results


If you asked me ten years ago whether I would be studying the sugary fuzz that covers the outside of cells, I would have laughed. I was interested in psychiatric diseases and the brain. But when I saw a picture of this fuzz — what we call the glycocalyx — during my first year of medical school as an MD/PhD student, I realized that these sugars connect cells with their environment and could be the key to understanding disease.

Amgen Scholars Alumni Careers: Working at a Small Liberal Arts School


Finishing up graduate school and looking for that first job? It’s only natural to set your sights on a postdoctoral research position, ideally at a large research institution. But, if you have a passion for teaching, you might consider an alternative: a career at a small liberal arts institution where you can still host your own research program, albeit at a smaller scale.

U.S. Amgen Scholars Alumni Travel Award Cycle Opens


The Amgen Scholars Global Program Office is now accepting applications for Spring 2016 U.S. Alumni Travel Awards. The deadline for application submission is April 15, 2016.

Access the application and recommender form.

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