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Amway - No Stranger to Natural and Manmade Disasters

A beautiful example has emerged in the Philippines

Amway - No stranger to natural and manmade disasters

By Jesse Hertstein

As a global organization, we are no strangers to natural and manmade disasters.

Millions of people make up the global Amway family, so a disaster in one country has a ripple effect on the others. Our sympathies are not measured by the size of the market, but the impact on our friends and colleagues.

Amway Indonesia Continues Its Philanthropic Involvement in Children's Hospitals

This is the fifth year Amway has worked closely with children's programs at the Dharmais hospital.

Children's Polyclinic HOSPITAL Dharmais Presents The Concept Of Fun


Children's Polyclinic HOSPITAL Dharmais Presents The Concept Of Fun

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