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4 Important Reasons Ergonomics Should Be a Priority in Lower-Risk Workplaces


When it comes to ensuring workplace safety at your lower-risk facilities, where does ergonomics rank on your list of environment, health and safety (EHS) priorities? If it’s not near the top, you need to know the 4 reasons why it should be. 

Practitioner Spotlight--Julie Mouton


Antea Group spotlights Julie Mouton, who is based in our Seattle office. Julie was 6 when her interest in environmentalism started. She specializes in environmental remediation and compliance as well as sustainability.

EHS Leadership in a Changing World: EHSxTech Takes Paris


In April 2018, Antea Group gathered some of the biggest names in the tech industry for a one-day workshop in Paris, kindly hosted by Salesforce.

This session zeroed in on issues particular to Europe, but the open and honest discussions led to a number of useful takeaways that all EHS managers can adopt or adapt to help strengthen their own program. Read these at our blog.

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No More Pen and Paper: Leak Detection and Repair for the Digital Age


How often have you used your phone today? You checked email, watched the news, shared a photo with friends, all while going about your day-to-day life. Mobile technology bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds, making many tasks flow together.

Digital Learning Disruption: What You Need to Know About the Next Phase of eLearning for EHS Training


The traditional workplace has changed. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies to expand their workforce and talent advantage by creating flexible work environments. Millennials are transforming digital learning to make it an important method of teaching and engagement.

What should EHS professionals do to meet their new responsibilities in today’s digital age? Find out in Antea Group’s new blog.

5 Writing and Communication Tips for EHS Professionals

Expert Advice to Level-Up Your Writing Skills

An EHS professional may write reports, emails, notes, and blogs daily. Whether your writing is intended for one person or a vast audience, you want to put your best professional foot forward.

Antea Group has compiled 5 truly helpful tips that can help you write your best. This read is worth the investment of a few minutes!

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Tackling the Talent Shortage: How EHS Can Be a Strategic Teammate


Unemployment rates are down, potential job seekers are well-informed and companies fight for the best talent out there. In this competition, your own Environmental, Health and Safety pros can provide you with the winning advantage.

Read Antea Group’s blog to find out how an excellent EHS department can help you attract and retain top-notch talent.

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April 17, 2018 /3BL Media/ - We're so excited to announce the launch of Antea Group's monthly email newsletter, The New Leaf, bringing you the latest in environment, health, safety, and sustainability news and insights straight from our experts.

We know EHS and sustainability professionals are being asked to do more with less while still trying to positively impact the bottom line (and the world!) That's a tall order. We're here to provide resources and support to help you excel so you can read, then lead.

Makerspace Safety in a Nutshell


Imagine a workspace where people can access woodworking tools, a metal shop, or a 3D printer to create and test prototypes and materials. Makerspaces are becoming a popular and highly advantageous way to foster innovation for companies that create products.

But what about the health and safety challenges that makerspaces present? The combination of chemicals, machines, people and tools creates a complex environment.  Antea Group has a guide to makerspace safety in our latest blog.

Health & Safety Conferences You Don't Want to Miss in 2018


There are several excellent health & safety events coming up this year that can give health & safety professionals an edge in their work.  

Antea Group has compiled a list of these events from April to November 2018, catering to various health and safety needs. Check this out and make sure you don’t drop the ball, miss something, or get behind the times.

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