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Go to the Pros: Highlighting Decades of PFAS Management Experience


Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are appearing in drinking water across the United States. Since the EPA’s adoption of advisory drinking water levels for PFAS in 2016, it has re-emerged as a contaminant of concern at scores of sites across the country.

Better Together: How Industry Collaboration Elevates EHS and Sustainability


Connecting with other industry professionals and learning together is one of the best ways to advance professionally, benchmark how your company is doing, and gain fresh insights on topics you might not have discussed before.

We recognize that forums for competitors to come together and not compete but grow, learn, benchmark, compare, contrast, and connect are a necessary and important part of solving EHS and sustainability challenges.

Practitioner Spotlight--Debbie Ferguson


In this practitioner spotlight, Antea Group highlight's their event/field marketing expert, Debbie Ferguson.

Debbie tells us how she explains her job to people at parties, what she wanted to be when she was a child (hint: a rockstar), and even which historical figure she would like to work with. 

Debbie has several years of experience managing events in the U.S. and around the globe. She helps put together EHSxTech every year, as well as organizes Antea Group's booths and event staff for events they attend.

7 Tactics to Create a People First Workplace

Actionable Strategies that Promote EHS and Sustainability

How and why should you create a people first workplace? Increasing EHS program development and deployment by fostering a safe work environment (and minimizing impacts on the environment) helps to facilitate the growth and sustainability of your business.

Read our blog to find out the seven tactics you can use to jump-start your EHS and HR practices.

About Antea Group

Are Data Centers Facing a Literal Watershed Moment?


Data centers provide an essential service in the business world today. Many data center designs utilize water-cooled chiller systems to prevent their machines from overheating by distributing cool water to the data center’s air conditioning units. However, due to growing demand, centers are increasingly being built in water-stressed regions.

Creating Business Value With Supply Chain Sustainability: What You Need to Know and Where You Need to Focus


How can a company bolster sustainability, maximize business value, and tackle challenges like consumer expectations, investor and stakeholder demands for more transparency and traceability, and pressure to stay competitive with technology and innovation?

Richard Crowther Appointed Food & Beverage Segment Leader

Press Release

June 18, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Antea Group is pleased to announce that Richard Crowther, Senior Consultant based in Atlanta, has been appointed to lead our Food & Beverage Segment. With over 25 years of engineering and management experience in the utility and beverage industries, Richard specializes in sustainability program planning, energy and water efficiency improvements, EHS compliance, environmental liability management, carbon footprint reduction and large-scale energy management programs including alternative energy project development.

EHS Insights: Most Common Low-Risk Regulatory Challenges in Europe

What we learned from auditing nearly 100 facilities

From 2015 to 2018, Antea Group audited almost 100 low-risk European facilities (offices, retail stores, and other non-manufacturing facilities) and came up with over 1,100 findings with an average of 12 findings per facility.  No low-risk workplaces, even managed office and co-working spaces, were without EHS gaps and issues.

Read our blog to find out the most common EHS gaps we encountered.

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PFAS Management Support From Antea Group


PFAS contamination of drinking water has been in the news of late. These chemicals are toxic, persistent, and subject to bioaccumulation in plants, animals, and humans. Industries that used PFAS include military, firefighting, aerospace, automotive, building and construction, and electronics, among others.

For over a decade, Antea Group has been supporting clients and working with regulators on understanding the sources and behavior of PFAS and their precursors in the environment, while maintaining strict confidentiality. 

Moving From Reactive to Proactive: Lessons From Three Decades of Incident Management


Antea Group teams have been responding to hazardous material releases since 1986, limiting disruption, mitigating risk, and returning affected assets to normal operation. Our solution to dealing with these incidents encompasses offering support in transitioning a situation from initial emergency response into a more proactive and data-driven long-term plan for resolution.


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