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Practitioner Spotlight--Angie Stagg


Antea Group spotlights Angie Stagg, one of its key account leaders based in Minnesota. Angie loves to consult internationally and has a very impressive portfolio, from working with local women in Kenya to meeting with representatives of global companies.

Read what Angie has to say about being successful, working at Antea Group, and more.

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Antea Group Completes Acquisition of Tractebel-Engie Poland

Press Release

The acquisition of the Polish subsidiary of Tractebel-Engie by Antea Group has been officially completed. Last year, the engineering and consultancy firm announced that it intended to acquire the Polish consultancy firm.

How to Market EHS to Employees on a Shoestring Budget


Engaged employees are the key drivers of building a culture around health and safety. But how can you “sell” EHS to your employees and make it easy for them to participate, if you don’t have a big budget?

Read Antea Group’s blog for some economical but fun ways to bring EHS to the forefront of your organization!

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Deciphering Local EHS Paradigms (All Over the World)

With Global EHS Registers And Protocols

In a global company, an EHS manager faces challenges in trying to comply with EHS regulations that are local to each facility location—  lack of input from local experts, different languages laws are presented in, no first-hand experience of the location, or no understanding of cultural nuances.

Setting Up Shop: EHS Concerns for Getting a License to Operate in the U.S.

How to Address Environment, Health, and Safety Regulations When Opening A New Facility

Opening a facility in the U.S. can be fraught with compliance risk—companies need to have all bases covered, including  environment, health, and safety (EHS) concerns. The list of regulations is quite long and they can be complex.

Antea Group's blog has a compilation of the top regulatory concerns that may be key to obtain a license to operate and start doing business in the United States. Save time and money and read before you proceed.

Environmental Sustainability Meets Business Sustainability: 7 Companies Bridging the Gap Through Smart Investments & Innovation


Environmental sustainability is simply part of doing business in a climate change world. From reducing energy usage and water waste to improving recycling and reuse efforts, companies large and small have implemented tactics and strategies to reduce their carbon footprints.

Our blog brings you some of those stories to not only honor their work, but also inspire your own efforts.

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Moving from Reactive to Proactive: Lessons from Three Decades of Incident Management


The scientists and engineers at Antea Group have been responding to hazardous material releases since 1986, limiting disruption, mitigating risk, and returning affected assets to normal operation.

Our blog discusses Antea Group's incident management solution and how we offer our clients support-- from the initial emergency response through transitioning to a proactive and data-driven long-term plan for resolution.

Worth a Second Look: Why It Might Be Time to Shake up Your Approach to PSM


OSHA’s PSM or process safety management standard applies to those companies that deal with any of more than 130 specific toxic and reactive chemicals in listed quantities. Accidental releases of these substances occur each year.

Now is the time to re-evaluate how the standard applies to you and how well your organization is doing. Take a second look! Read our blog and becomie confident without getting complacent.

Corporate Sustainability & Consumers: 3 Trends Every Company Needs to Know


As the realities of climate change become more and more apparent, a commitment to sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have for the companies of the world — it’s a business imperative, especially in the eyes of consumers.

Antea Group shares three important sustainability trends related to consumers, as well as key takeaways, that every company needs to pay attention to.

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Unpacking the Business & Stakeholder Relationship Management Toolbox During Decommissioning

Control What You Know and Successfully Manage Outcomes for What You Don’t

Decommissioning projects are full of what ifs, uncertainty, and risk. But what if you could know what you’re getting into ahead of time and save yourself time and money in the long run?

If you want some great advice on successfully managing business risk and stakeholder relationships before and during the decommissioning process, click here for our blog.

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