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Antea Group Case Study: Pipeline Failure Spill Site


On client detected a drop in pressure on their pipeline in Wisconsin. Approximately 1,302 barrels (54,684 gallons) of gasoline were released as a result of a pipeline seam failure. The spill was discovered in an area of farms, large homes and sub-divisions with over 200 potable wells within a one mile radius of the spill. Our client required immediate and large scale emergency response services and environmental support. 

Antea Group Case Study: Global Site Decommissioning


A global oil and gas company required final decommissioning at a former terminal and blending facility that had been idle for almost a decade. The 2.5  acre site, located in South Africa, required the removal of all above and below ground structures, underground utilities, process equipment, buildings, concrete slabs and foundations. 

The objective of the project was to demolish the site to safety requirements agreed upon by the province, port authority and client so that the client could completely exit the site. 

Antea Group Case Study: EHS Professional Outsourcing


Our clients needed comprehensive health and safety in-house support at both local and global facilities but were faced with budget restraints. 

Antea Group has provided EHS professionals at varying global locations to serve as dedicated resources to provide local and regional support.

For more about the challenge, solution, and result, read the full case study on the Antea Group website.

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Antea Group Case Study: Machine Safety and Risk Assessment


A global automotive supplier required an external resource to enhance their global machine safety program and develop safety risk assessments of their equipment. The risk assessment(s) would identify machine guarding gaps relevant to legislative and corporate requirements. The client requested Antea Group’s assistance in developing the risk assessments for international standards and to capture the data in client-identified software.

Antea Group Case Study: Business Implications of Scarce Resources


A flagship production facility faces significant water limitations poised to impact production and growth targets. The facility is currently the largest water user in the community and has plans to expand capacity. The total cost of water is increasing rapidly. In addition, water availability and allocation is also a contentious social issue. The company faces various water allocation scenarios, including the implications of compounding events such as severe droughts.

Antea Group Case Study: Qualitative and Quantitative Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessments


Our client needed to conduct annual employee exposure monitoring at approximately 30 industrial facilities located around the world. 

Antea Group utilized qualitative and quantitative industrial hygiene exposure monitoring assessments to evaluate potential chemical and physical exposures, enabling facility personnel and professionals to determine those exposures that required actual quantitative assessments (exposure monitoring). 

Antea Group Case Study: Scenario Modeling For Responsible Sourcing


A client has a significant portion of a key raw material purchased on the open market, leaving the farm source unknown to the company. As a result, current labor and growing practices associated with most of the material purchased is also unknown. A leading competitor was recently exposed for promoting poor labor and pesticide management practices leading to the potential for NGOs to turn their attention to other similar companies.  

Antea Group Case Study: Global EHS Services for Technology Company


An international technology company was challenged with managing lower-risk EHS concerns for office-based employees in several locations across the globe. The client realized that the office environment presented potential risks and compliance issues for which they were not appropriately staffed. To better understand and effectively manage these risks and compliance issues, the client hired Antea Group to fulfill its EHS responsibilities. 

Antea Group White Paper on Hazardous Waste Management Services in the Healthcare Sector

Press Release

March 14, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Since the early 1980’s hazardous waste management in this country has largely consisted of a “one size fits all” set of stringent regulations promulgated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The regulations presume that manufacturers and commercial operations generate relatively predictable amounts of hazardous waste from specific locations and processes. Hazardous waste is managed, from generation to final disposition, by trained technical experts.  

Take Control of Your Sustainability Report This Year

Where Are You on the Sustainability Disclosure Stress Meter?

It’s reporting season again, and many of you are already in the midst of gathering information to prepare your annual sustainability reports and disclosures. It’s a great time to take a step back and consider the bigger picture about why you report, and then take a look at the process to see if you’re doing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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