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Antea Group Case Study: VCU Testing for a Major Pipeline Company


Antea Group was contracted by a major pipeline company to complete a performance test of two marine VCUs and a VOC leak quantification of components during loading of marine vessels. The protocol for both of these tests had been developed by a previous consultant and TCEQ had not yet approved protocol. The client recently purchased the facility and had little information on important parameters needed to properly define scope and duration of project and could only provide ten-days advance notice of test date due to ship scheduling issues.

Sustainability in Facility Operations 101: Establishing a Foundation For Continued Performance

Multimedia with summary

Antea Group consultant Steven Meun recently presented on sustainability for facility operations. The session walks you through the fundamentals of sustainability in the facility context, looks at the rationale for incorporating sustainability into your business, and examines some of the basics and first steps for tackling sustainability in water, waste, and energy.

Reverse Logistics for Retail Gain Wider Regulatory Acceptance

How Do Changes Impact Your Business?

Reverse logistics is a process within the retail community that describes the return of unwanted, damaged, unsold, or dated retail products back to the distribution center, warehouse, supplier or manufacturer, for the purpose of redistribution, recycling, reuse, or disposal.

Top EHS Consulting Considerations for the Automotive Segment


Knowing when and how to use EHS consulting to supplement an EHS Team can be challenging, particularly in the automotive industry. Increased globalization, shrinking budgets, and a dynamic regulatory climate mean consistent challenges for manufacturers and suppliers alike. These challenges, however, also create opportunities. 

Beware the Slippery Slope: Slips, Trips, and Falls in Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals are safe places to work - right? Well, maybe not. 

US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014 (the most recent year published) show that total recordable case rate for hospitals (injury and illness cases per 100 full-time workers) is 6.2. The hospital injury rate is higher than in mining (3.8), hazardous waste treatment and disposal (4.6), and manufacturing (4.0). Now that should set off an alarm for health and safety professionals.

Enterprise, Innovation, and the Circular Economy


This week Antea Group senior consultant Pamela Gordon completed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's six-week Executive Education Introductory Course, titled "Enterprise, Innovation and the Circular Economy." 

During the course, she's shared insights about how the circular economy is holistically designed to be restorative and regenerative. Now, she capsulizes her learning as relevant to the electronics supply chain.

An EHS Checklist for Low-Risk Technology Facilities


For environment, health and safety (EHS) managers at technology companies, identifying, assessing and prioritizing potential risks in a lower-risk environment - from offices to call centers - is part of the job. And when it comes to EHS programs, compliance is just the start.

Practitioner Spotlight--Chris Bone


Let's take a look at some of Antea Group's most valuable resources--its people! Next up is information and knowledge management practitioner Chris Bone, who talks to us about what surprises people most about his job, the key ingredient for success as a data management practitioner, and what fictional character he'd most love to work with.

Read more on the Antea Group blog.

Antea Group Case Study: Industrial Hygiene Program for a Global Water Technology Provider


The client, a leading global water technology provider, has an active 350,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New York state. The plant manufactures and assembles various types and sizes of submersible pumps. Over the past several months, the facility had been conducted lean manufacturing events and reconfigured the equipment and operations in many areas of the plant. Due to these changes, the company wanted to conduct a comprehensive industrial hygiene program to document existing conditions following changes in equipment location.  

Antea Group Case Study: Safety Program for Chemical Production Plant


The client facility was an active chemical production plant that consists of several buildings and an active landfill in a campus-like setting on 800 acres of land in New York state. The client hired contractors to conduct various tasks within the landfill and for repairing site utilities, including excavations at various dimensions and depths. The client’s objective was to educate and train employees to be Excavation Safety Competent Persons.


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