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Antea Group Celebrates Client Milestones and Long-Term Partnerships


On behalf of a long-time client, a Fortune 500 company which has steadily expanded its relationship with Antea Group and now utilizes each of our Practice Areas, we recently received a ‘No Further Action’ letter for environmental activity at an underground storage tank (UST) site.

4 Must-Know FAQs for Sustainability Consulting in the Tech World


The best sustainability programs have one thing in common: They integrate sustainability into core business practices. 

For technology companies, sustainability is much more than compliance. Sustainability programs help avoid costs and risks, save money (via energy, water, and waste), build a positive brand image, attract and retain employees, and reduce a company’s environmental footprint. 

HPRC Conducts LCA Literature Review of Plastics Disposal Options

Looks at different types of waste management for plastics along with their advantages and disadvantages from an environmental perspective.

Non-regulated mixed plastic waste represents a large portion of the solid waste generated by healthcare facilities. Healthcare waste management decision makers and influencers must choose from a number of disposal options to deal with this growing environmental burden.

Meet HPRC Member Ellen Kondracki from BD


HPRC would like to introduce you to our members! First up is Ellen Kondracki from BD. Ellen talks about her role as Senior Director of Global Sustainability from BD, her biggest accomplishments and challenges in her role, her vision for the future of healthcare plastics, and why she loves HPRC.

Read more on the new HPRC site.


About HPRC

Healthcare Plastics Recycling: Making It Happen at Your Hospital


People who are accustomed to recycling at home often find it frustrating to throw away recyclables at work. And hospitals generate a lot of recyclables. Most hospitals recycle plastics and other materials from the cafeteria and office areas. However, as hospital staff know, a lot of recyclable plastic is used in the patient care areas, as well. Trays, pitchers, basins, and blue wrap are just a few of the items that could be recycled.

Celebrating World Water Day with BIER at the White House

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable's Water Commitments Tapped for President's Water Summit

This week we celebrate World Water Day, when we pause to recognize the necessity of protecting and preserving one of our most important natural resources.

How to Make Money in Plastics Recycling


The device on which you are reading this blog (or on which you printed it) likely contains plastic, in addition to some precious and non-precious metals. When that device reaches the end of its life, you have two types of options, as I learned from the Circular Economy Executive Education Course I'm taking.

Read the rest over at EBN.

Beware Hazards in Healthcare: New Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals


Recently proposed EPA regulation provides a streamlined approach for healthcare facilities to better manage their hazardous pharmaceutical waste. To prepare for these changes, healthcare facilities, including manufacturers, distributers, pharmacies and retailers of pharmaceutical products in the USA will need to make operational adjustments around notification, training, record keeping and reporting.

Antea Group Wellness Program Profiled by Employee Benefit News


Antea Group's employee wellness program takes a holistic approach, emcompassing the emotional, physical and financial aspects of well-being. The firm's recent efforts around mental health and stress management were recently featured in a piece in Employee Benefit News.

Antea Group Case Study: Pipeline Failure Spill Site


On client detected a drop in pressure on their pipeline in Wisconsin. Approximately 1,302 barrels (54,684 gallons) of gasoline were released as a result of a pipeline seam failure. The spill was discovered in an area of farms, large homes and sub-divisions with over 200 potable wells within a one mile radius of the spill. Our client required immediate and large scale emergency response services and environmental support. 


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