What's Worse: FIFA Scandal or People Not Surprised Of The FIFA Scandal?


Regulations worldwide are increasing and it is no secret that other countries are beginning to take notice that corruption and bribery are seriously affecting their countries economic value. As corruption has the capabilities of infiltrating different countries, it also has the reach to go into any industry the global markets have to offer.

Companies Are Beginning To Understand More About Anti-Corruption Compliance, But Is It Enough?


Compliance officers from all companies are stepping into an emerging problem with corruption and bribery risks on the rise. This of course has become a major issue for companies needing to make sure that they follow, not only the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), but also new legislation out of Brazil, China, UK, and Canada. Companies are taking note that doing business with corrupt entities can hurt them from a legal standpoint but most of all from a business perspective as well.

Technology, Social Media & Compliance. Now Working In Parallel


With the emergence of this new concept in the compliance industry known as compliance 2.0, the idea that technology is assisting the compliance professional is very much leaping forward with all new types of innovative ways to help combat corruption and bribery. Many foreign governments are increasingly adopting this new form of thinking, as it has been a way to reach many on topics such as anti-corruption and anti-bribery.

Compliance 2.0 Is On The Move & It's Not Stopping


The days of going at it alone are long behind us. The days of a lone compliance professional getting meshed in with organizations, making sure they are taking the proper steps to be compliant are things of the past. Understandably so, the ability that technology has intercepted the professional compliance industry has made for a much more elaborate effort to make sure rules and regulations are being followed. The idea of sharing and networking has broadened the ability for those within the profession to be very knowledgeable on the types of compliance programs they are subject to.

Don’t Miss the 3rd Annual Latin America Ethics Summit in Rio de Janeiro

Press Release

March 27, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The Ethisphere Institute announced today that registration is open for the 3rd Annual Latin America Ethics Summit that will offer local perspectives on global issues and will bring together senior leadership, governance, risk management and compliance leaders and government and regulatory officials from companies based or operating in Latin America in Rio de Janeiro on June 17-18, 2015.

The 3rd Annual Summit will offer participants the opportunity to:

How Well Do We Really Know the UK Bribery Act?


As communication efforts grow larger among international commerce, companies are finding it to be a challenge in trying to comply with regulations set fourth by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice. Other regulations also apply if you are conducting business within the United Kingdom; these efforts are better known as the U.K. Bribery Act.

Doing Due Diligence Pays Off


Proper due-diligence and carefully looking at the suspicious activity could help in the uncovering of potential corruption and bribery acts. This is why companies have procedures and policies in place, in order to avoid potential financial loss due to Securities and Exchange Commission Fines and legal investigations. As companies begin to explore other financial opportunities, particularly overseas, companies open the door to possible acts of bribery and corruption.

Acquiring Other Companies? Make Sure They Run Ethical Practices Like You


Companies are in great need of conducting their due diligence, especially when doing business with other companies on foreign soil. Larger companies that move forward in acquisitions of smaller companies tend to keep the existing management and have them run the business as usual. The problem we see developing is the culture of doing business, especially in other parts of the world, may not coincide with FCPA regulations.

More Federal Agents to Focus on FCPA Investigations


With a record number of fines for FCPA violations being recorded in year 2014, the FBI along side the Securities and Exchange Commission, are increasing their efforts to add to their ability to investigate and prosecute those who violate the FCPA and other corruption/bribery laws. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is on the move with tripling its enforcement size. Its goal is to increase enforcement for any FCPA violations here on native soil as well as increase the ability to prosecute, along side cooperating countries, companies that conduct unethical business practices abroad.

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