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Why Community Forests are Key to Solving Challenges of Urban Living

By Dan Lambe, President, Arbor Day Foundation

What comes to mind when you think of forests? Do they conjure feelings of tranquility, scenic landscapes, and wildlife? Or maybe you think of the great outdoors? Although these sentiments are commonly tied to forests, there is another type of forest that is rarely talked about but is key in responsible forestry: community forests. As the world becomes more urban, now is the time to invest in healthy community forests.

6 Haunted Forests Perfect for Thrills


Some of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world are found deep in forests. Pristine lakes, towering trees, and scenic views attract thousands of tourists to these protected sites. But many of these sites are filled with hauntings pasts.

Here are six forests that are rumored to be haunted. For the bold and daring, these are perfect for quick thrills.

Life hack: don’t hike in secluded forests by yourself.

Robinson Woods, Illinois

Sugar Maple: a Sweet Reward


Acer saccharum

Europeans were long familiar with the qualities of the maple wood. Species growing in the old world were used for the unpleasantness of pikes and lances. Imagine the happy surprise to find a maple in the New World from which fine furniture could be crafted and from which sugar could be produced in great quantity. So great, in fact, that it became an important commodity to sell or trade for merchandise in the early years of our country.

Arbor Day Foundation Draws Industry Leaders at Partners in Community Forestry Conference in the Wake of Natural Disasters

Forestry experts around the world gather for two days of learning and problem solving
Press Release

LINCOLN, Neb., November 9, 2017 /3BL Media/ - The Arbor Day Foundation will hold the 2017 Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on November 15–16. The conference is one of the largest urban forestry gatherings of its kind and attracts leading experts from around the world to share the latest practices and lessons in city forest management and citizen engagement.  

The Arbor Day Foundation Launches National Campaign to Restore Forests and Communities Ravaged by Recent Hurricanes

The Arbor Day Foundation sets goal of five million trees to public and private lands in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico restoring lost tree canopies
Press Release

LINCOLN, Neb., October 18, 2017 /3BL Media/ - The Arbor Day Foundation unveiled a brand-new hurricane tree recovery campaign today to get millions of trees back in the ground in the wake of hurricane devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The initiative — which will engage and mobilize public and private partners — aims to plant and distribute 5 million trees over the next five years. The Arbor Day Foundation is already engaging with city and state leaders to ensure long-term recovery across the affected regions.  

The Living Urn: Helping Families Grieve and Grow Tree Memorials for Loved Ones


Guest post by Mike Wallace, The Living Urn®.

The practice of planting trees in memory of the deceased dates back thousands of years and is common in many cultures. 

At The Living Urn® , we wanted to take this beautiful practice a step further. We wanted to make a difference in the lives of others while at the same time giving back to nature. We thought, what if we could plant trees with the cremated remains of a loved one. 

Koreatown Youth & Community Center and DoubleTree by Hilton Host Community Tree Planting in Celebration of NeighborWoods® Month

Arbor Day Foundation’s Alliance for Community Trees Program helps beautify Pico Union neighborhood
Press Release

LOS ANGELES, October 12, 2017 /3BL Media/ – Koreatown Youth & Community Center, a member of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Alliance for Community Trees program, is partnering with DoubleTree by Hilton, one of Hilton’s 14 world-class brands, to plant 45 trees to beautify the historic Pico Union neighborhood next to downtown Los Angeles.

TakingRoot and Procter & Gamble’s Family Care Brands Host Community Tree Planting in Celebration of NeighborWoods® Month

Arbor Day Foundation’s month-long celebration will help beautify Pleasant Hill Academy and raise awareness for responsible forestry
Press Release

CINCINNATI, October 19, 2017 /3BL Media/– TakingRoot, a member of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Alliance for Community Trees program, is partnering with Procter & Gamble’s Family Care brands, Puffs, Charmin and Bounty, to plant 30 trees in celebration of national NeighborWoods® Month. The event will be held at Pleasant Hill Academy, a school with an emphasis on environmental science, as part of a new Outdoor Learning Lab for students and community members.

Visiting the Birthplace of Coffee: Jimma, Ethiopia


Have you heard the story of Kaldi the goat herder and his frolicking herd? The famous Ethiopian legend tells the story of Kaldi who noticed how excited his sheep became after eating fruit from a certain tree. Curious, Kaldi tried the fruit. Soon he was bursting with energy. After watching the odd behavior of Kaldi and his herd, a monk took some of this strange cherry fruit back to his monastery where monks spent the night awake and alert. Kaldi is often credited as the first person to discover coffee.

Top 5 Evergreens Sold Through the Arbor Day Tree Nursery


Evergreen trees offer numerous benefits when strategically planted around your home. They provide year-round color in the winter when other trees are bare. Additionally, evergreens can be used as a living snow fence, keeping cold winds out which results in lower energy costs.

Here are the top 5 evergreen trees sold through the Arbor Day Tree Nursery.


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