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Replanting Our Nation's Forests

Our forests are our heritage. The conservation of these forests will be our legacy for the future.
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Thanks to generations past, our forests are our heritage. The conservation of these forests will be our legacy for the future.

A Message From the Chair of the Board of Trustees

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Dear Members and Friends,

As I look back on this past year, I am struck by the energy and power generated by the concern for trees. Our members, corporate partners, and planting partners are joining together with the Arbor Day Foundation every day and making great positive changes through our stewardship programs. Our vision of being a worldwide leader in the recognition and use of trees as a solution to global issues is being realized through these united efforts.

VIDEO: In the Wake of Natural Disasters, New Trees Bring Communities Hope and Healing

The Community Tree Recovery Program was Created out of the Great Need for Trees in the Wake of Natural Disasters.
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Trees play a vital role in our everyday lives. They improve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. They beautify our streets and shade our children. So when natural disasters strike, the loss of trees is much more than meets the eye. The Community Tree Recovery Program was created out of the great need for trees in the wake of natural disasters.

Infographic: NBCUniversal Kicks off 9th Annual “Green Is Universal” Holiday Campaign in Partnership With Arbor Day Foundation

#ShareATree social media campaign engages viewers to select and share trees to support the campaign through the holiday season
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The Arbor Day Foundation is partnering with NBCUniversal for the ninth annual "Green Is Universal" holiday campaign. NBCUniversal will support tree-planting efforts to promote recovery in disaster-stricken areas brought on by the 2017 hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.  As part of the partnership, NBCUniversal has committed to placing 25,000 trees in the hands of homeowners in the affected areas.

NBCUniversal Kicks off 9th Annual “Green Is Universal” Holiday Campaign in Partnership With Arbor Day Foundation

NBCUniversal commits to share 25,000 trees in hurricane ravaged communities to support Arbor Day Foundation’s national campaign to restore landscapes destroyed by hurricanes in 2017
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#ShareATree Social Media Campaign Engages Viewers to Select and Share Trees to Support the Campaign Through the Holiday Season

The Arbor Day Foundation Announces a Five-Year Partnership With Texas Roadhouse to Restore Hurricane Destroyed Tree Canopies in Forests and Communities

Texas Roadhouse Aids Through Arbor Day Foundation’s Hurricane Tree Recover Campaign
Press Release

LINCOLN, Neb., December 5, 2017 /3BL Media/ –  The Arbor Day Foundation announced today a five-year partnership with Texas Roadhouse as part of its newly launched Hurricane Tree Recovery Campaign. Texas Roadhouse has committed funding towards the tree restoration efforts in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The initial phase of their $250,000 commitment will focus on planting and distributing trees in affected communities along the gulf coast.  

VIDEO: Arbor Day Foundation Launches National Campaign to Restore Forests and Communities Ravaged by Recent Hurricanes

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The Arbor Day Foundation unveiled a new hurricane tree recovery campaign to get millions of trees back in the ground in the wake of hurricane devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The initiative aims to plant and distribute 5 million trees over the next five years. The Arbor Day Foundation will be working with the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Florida Forest Service and many city and community leaders to help replant and  restore canopies damaged and lost due to the hurricanes.

Northern Catalpa: Rarely Unnoticed


Catalpa speciosa

Catalpa is a hard tree to overlook. Trumpet-shaped flowers herald its awakening for the summer and are soon followed by some of the largest leaves in the northern hemisphere. Elephant ears would not be too far off the mark for their description. Finally come the seed pods — bean-like in shape draping the tree like green tinsel.

Why Community Forests are Key to Solving Challenges of Urban Living

By Dan Lambe, President, Arbor Day Foundation

What comes to mind when you think of forests? Do they conjure feelings of tranquility, scenic landscapes, and wildlife? Or maybe you think of the great outdoors? Although these sentiments are commonly tied to forests, there is another type of forest that is rarely talked about but is key in responsible forestry: community forests. As the world becomes more urban, now is the time to invest in healthy community forests.


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