Digital Empowerment | Barclays Helps Morty Launch Easy Mortgage App


It started with a realisation. A mortgage is the biggest transaction of any person’s life, and no one was helping buyers to shop around. It’s madness. So we set about building a platform that empowers the user – and gets them the best possible deal.

Sustainable Growth: Barclays Launches New Range of Green Finance Products

by Madeleine Cuff

Barclays has become the first UK bank to launch a range of green finance products to help its corporate clients fund low-carbon projects and investments.

The new range, launched today, includes loans, deposits, asset finance and innovation finance for accelerating green investment in firms, from small businesses to large corporates.

Barclays and NYU Launch Veterans Future Lab in New York City


Recognizing the importance of providing mentoring and support to early-stage start-ups founded by United States military veterans, and with a commitment to veteran-owned enterprises, Barclays and NYU Tandon School of Engineering launched the Veterans Future Lab.

Barclays and Dynamic Working: "Staying Home with My Kids Helped Us Connect"


A small but growing number of fathers are taking up shared parental leave, a policy that allows mothers to transfer part of their maternity leave to their partner. We spoke to Barclays employees Cameron Kirkwood and Benjamin Tancock about taking time out to care for their children – and how perceptions about childcare are changing.

“When I first decided to raise the subject of shared parental leave, I was nervous,” says Cameron Kirkwood, who has worked for Barclays for 14 years. “Asking for six months away from work, I’d have been foolish not to have been.”

Barclays & Unreasonable Group | Jobs of Tomorrow, Solutions for the Planet

Barclays has partnered with Unreasonable Group to support entrepreneurs that are creating jobs and improving the sustainability of our world.

Unreasonable Impact, created by Barclays and Unreasonable Group, is a programme centered around scaling growth-stage ventures across the globe that are well positioned to create thousands of jobs while solving our toughest societal and environmental challenges.

Barclays Sponsors Women's Business Council Report to Explore UK Skills Gap

Staying On: The Age of Success
Multimedia with summary

For a long time, organisations have focused on young generations as a way to bring in new talent. Recruitment trends emphasise the hiring and retention of millennials, despite the fact that our population is formed of multiple generations and that the workforce is ageing. We are also seeing changes in the needs of the workforce, with more workers needing time out of work for various reasons at different points in their career. How can we ensure we are not missing or excluding this talent?

Barclays Accelerator | Gamechangers: Ernit

by Søren Nielsen, Founder and CEO of Ernit

Four years ago I was having a drink with our other two founders on New Year’s Eve. We were reminiscing about our first piggy banks, and discussing how, without these important financial interactions, our children were missing out. So we drank a bottle of Champagne, and we decided to do something about it.

Barclays Releases New Access to Employment Report


The past decade has seen arguably the greatest shift in employment models for a generation. Technology has in part driven a de-centralisation in employment in a way not seen since the mass-privatisations of the 1980s in the UK.

Back then we saw public sector employment peak at over 7m in 1979; just a decade later this had fallen to less than 5.8m and would carry on falling until the turn of the century1.

Employer Engagement and Work Experience Are Critical to Achieving Top Grades at Secondary School, Say Teachers

Barclays have joined forces with Unreasonable Group to empower entrepreneurs to create solutions to some of humanity's biggest social issues, such as global food security

New research by YouGov finds 9 in 10 secondary school teachers (93%) believe work experience and employer engagement have a direct impact on exam results

Barclays Accelerator: 0 to 100 in Three Years


As Barclays’ global fintech programme, the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, celebrates the graduation of its 100th company, we talk to three Barclays leaders about partnering with the disruptors – and helping define the future of finance.


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