Introducing the Pull Factor Project

A project to help marketers make sustainable living desirable to the masses.

For decades we’ve been pushing sustainability on consumers. Despite our best efforts, it’s still not widely embraced in mainstream culture. And yet, we also know the tremendous power of brands to inspire our aspirations, shape our behaviors and mobilize action at scale.

Fight for Love: Five Ways to Mobilize Millennials Behind Your Cause

by Liz Courtney, Business Development and Grant Griglak, Senior Strategist

For decades, the ASPCA has been advocating for better breeding practices and adoption for dogs with campaigns that focused on educating the public on where pet store dogs come from.

But over time, the influx of digital technology has completely transformed how people get dogs. And Millennials, the largest generation of dog lovers ever, are increasingly relying on online sources, which makes it difficult to track where our furry friends are coming from.

Powering the Circular Economy

by Liz Courtney

“Circular design gives us the opportunity to rethink the whole paradigm instead of operating under current restraints.”

These Brands Are Starting Movements (And Your Brand Can Too)


Delivering on brand relevance also requires welcoming more and different voices to the table, using our collective wisdom to solve problems together and rallying consumers and employees to take action with us as brands. When net trust in global corporations is less than zero, it is understandable that brands may feel overwhelmed and afraid to go it alone. That is why thoughtful partnerships can empower brands to tackle meaningful issues without feeling like they are straining credibility or speaking out of turn.

Consumers Want Brands to Put a Stake in the Ground on Issues That Matter


More than ever before, consumers want brands to put a stake in the ground. It is not simply about reacting to today’s news cycle, but rather knowing where you stand and standing strong when issues arise.

As traditional corporate philanthropy efforts have ceased to capture the love and loyalty of consumers, it is time to rethink old models of CSR and consider how your brand’s purpose can translate to more meaningful and culturally relevant efforts that excite and engage consumers. 

Define Your North Star: Brand Purpose Beyond Products


The new opportunity for brands is not only marketing incremental product benefits, but embodying a higher purpose that serves your consumers’ aspirations for a good life by directly addressing the barriers to it.

Start with Empathy: Design a Brand with People at the Center


To stay relevant in a world of limited resources and mounting concerns, brands cannot simply show up and sell more stuff. Like never before, consumers expect brands to make their lives better. Doing so means understanding consumers’ struggles, needs and aspirations and addressing the issues that matter to them in meaningful ways.

Brands That Are Brave, Win

Five strategies to stand up, break through and shift behavior

by Nicole Pontes, Senior Strategist, BBMG

A rising generation is calling bullshit on brands that overpromise and don’t deliver, and a new wave of brand campaigns suggests that to break through, it’s going to take more than feigned authenticity and cultural posing. If brands want this new generation of discerning consumers to pay attention, they need to be braver, bolder and take more chances than ever before.

More Consumers are Punishing Companies for Their Behavior Rather Than Rewarding Them

Multimedia with summary

For the first time since 2009, more consumers say they have punished companies for their behavior (28%) rather than rewarded them (26%), and the number of those who are punishing brands is up by 9% since 2013.

For a deeper look at the global data and for inspiration from some of the brands leading in today’s divided times, click here to download our report

Brand Advocacy vs Aspiration in the Trump Era

Two paths for using the power of brand to fight injustice and create the good life

Like few times in our history, brands and businesses are facing a profound moment of challenge and change. Trust has never been lower. Expectations have never been higher. And in our new political and cultural reality, there’s no middle ground and there’s no place to hide.

At BBMG, we believe the only way for brands to remain relevant and resilient is to put humanity first. Based on our global research into Aspirational and Advocate consumers, we’ve identified two paths for using the power of brand to fight injustice and create the good life.


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