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GRI Podcast: Sustainability Ratings

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This month's GRI podcast episode features an interview with Vigeo Eiris, a sustainability rating agency that uses Environmental, Social and Governance data to evaluate companies’ performance. We asked Keeran what makes a good sustainability report, and what are some of the common challenges companies face in the process. We’ll also hear a report from Ireland, where GRI presented a preview of the new Occupational Health and Safety Standard, and the latest sustainability news.

GRI Podcasts: Beyond Peports - Episode 2, Dr. Nelmara Arbex

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This month Nelmara Arbex talks about the initial findings of the Sustainability and Reporting 2025 project in the new GRI publication "The Next Era of Corporate Disclosure: Digital, Responsible, Interactive".

GRI Podcasts: Beyond Reports - Episode 1, Nikki McKean-Wood

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GRI’s Media Relations Manager Davion Ford hosts the show, which includes news, interviews and forward-looking features. Episode 1 of the show features an interview with GRI’s Director of Corporate & Stakeholder Relations, Nikki McKean-Wood, about the recent launch of GRI’s engagement program, the GOLD Community.

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