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First Hydrogen Fueling Station Network in U.S. Now Stretches Across California


It’s the classic chicken-or-the-egg question. If attempting to revolutionize the auto industry, do you introduce the car or the supporting infrastructure first? For Joel Ewanick, the answer was obvious – get the infrastructure in place.

Communicating With the Customer

Headline Cases Bring Opportunity to Partner with Customers for Safer Systems
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Public trust in government and municipal services is a critical, though fragile, construct. Tax and usage fee-paying customers expect that their funds are being used to create and operate reliable, safe and secure water systems.

Leaders Opting for Dual Paths to Smart City Development


Adoption of smart city initiatives appears to be dividing most city governments into two camps – those that opt for incremental add-on or pilot programs, and those that pursue some form of root-level master planning. There are advantages and disadvantages to each course.

Public-Private Partnerships: Teaming Up to Find Solutions for Aging Infrastructure Challenges

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As utilities are challenged to minimize rate increases while balancing limited budgets with competing projects, chronic underinvestment, deferred maintenance and compliance mandates, one solution to consider is the public-private partnership (PPP) model.

Utilities Progressively Move Toward Automation Programs to Boost Reliability


Old and obsolete equipment and lack of integration of automation into the overall enterprise – coupled with reliability mandates – have created an environment ripe for the adoption of distribution automation and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) programs for utilities.

Utilities Can Better Secure Customer Relationships by Offering More Distributed Energy Resources


As falling costs for distributed energy resources reduce the barriers to entry, new players like solar and battery storage developers are establishing relationships with utility customers. This is raising new concerns that without action, utilities will lose their cherished one-to-one customer relationship.

In response, some utilities are offering utility-owned rooftop solar in direct competition with third-party solar installers, while others are offering community solar programs – in both cases to meet customer demand for renewables while maintaining the customer relationship.

CALSTART Membership Expands Black & Veatch’s Footprint in Alternative Fuels Market

Affiliation with clean technology alliance supports transition to zero emission transportation
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OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, June 17, 2016 /3BL Media/ – Black & Veatch, an engineering and construction company with deep experience in deploying electric vehicle and sustainable transportation infrastructure, announced today it has joined CALSTART, a respected national non-profit alliance devoted to clean transportation technology.

Utilities Show Growing Interest in Drone Technology


The interest in drone technology by electric, water and natural gas utilities is growing at a rapid pace, and this relatively new application for utilities seems positioned to eventually become a best practice as the usage is woven into more projects.

According to Black & Veatch’s 2016 Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility report, more than 60 percent of survey participants view drones as providing value for their construction, maintenance and operations programs.

Cities Are ‘Smartening Up’ for the Future with IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept that all devices that can be connected will be connected – is starting to take root in cities in various parts of the globe. IoT is being used to better manage energy, water, transportation and safety – but what exactly does this look like in first-adopter cities?

Data Analytics is Key to Developing a Long-Term Smart City Roadmap


Communities that were “first movers” in the smart city arena are ending their test phases and expanding to a second phase, yet it is clear that communications technologies and data analytics should be adopted to help lay the groundwork for a broader roadmap.

Black & Veatch’s 2016 Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility report showed that survey respondents were all over the map in terms of how investment decisions are made and what systems should be focused on first.


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