Carbon Tracker Unveils 2˚C Compliant Scenario Analysis Tool on Bloomberg App Portal

New 2˚C scenario analysis tool is powered by data from Rystad Energy

The Carbon Tracker Initiative, an independent financial think tank, announced today that its in-depth analysis of the impact of climate change on a company’s exposure to carbon transition risk is available through 2˚C Scenario Analysis Tool on the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS TRACK <GO>}.

Sodexo Recognized by Bloomberg for Gender Equality

Press Release

GAITHERSBURG, Md., February 12, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Sodexo, a food services and facilities management company, announced today that it has been named to Bloomberg’s 2018 Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for its advancement in gender equality.

Bloomberg Benefits: Among the Most Generous Parental Leave Policies at Major U.S. News Organizations, According to Columbia Journalism Review

Press Release

February 8, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Bloomberg has always aimed to provide world class benefits to employees: It’s been a business imperative that has helped propel the company to reach its 36th consecutive year of revenue growth in 2017.

Twenty five years after the U.S. Congress passed the Family and Medical Leave Act, Columbia Journalism Review is out this week with an article looking at how U.S. news organizations stack up in parental leave policies.

Announcing Bloomberg’s Data Science Academic Engagement Programs

Press Release

February 7, 2017 /3BL Media/ - At Bloomberg, we believe in contributing back to the community. In data science, we contribute back by sponsoring conferences, meetups, publishing our findings in conferences and journals, and contributing code to open source libraries. In addition to these efforts, we support academic research through meaningful engagement with university faculty and Ph.D. candidates.

Washington Can’t Kill Solar Power: 6 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Future of Solar

By: Mike Bloomberg

The Trump administration recently announced that the U.S. will be implementing a steep tariff on solar panel imports. Taxing those solar panels up to 30 percent will destroy U.S. jobs, because far more Americans are involved in installing and maintaining panels than in manufacturing them. It will also raise Americans’ electric bills, by making the energy marketplace less competitive. And it will hurt our environment and public health, by slowing the transition away from heavily polluting, carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

Small Business Owners Descend on Washington to Advocate for Small Businesses With Goldman Sachs CEO, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg

Press Release

More than 2,000 small business owners will descend on Washington for the first-ever 10,000 Small Businesses Summit: The Big Power of Small Business from Feb. 13-14. They will charge Capitol Hill with more than 2,000 small business owners to chart a path for growth and share their experiences and insights with policymakers. Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd C.

Why It's Time to Align Retirement Funds With Sustainability Goals

By: Anya Khalamayzer

In 2017, Bloomberg announced that it was the first U.S. domiciled company to become a U.N. PRI signatory as a corporate pension plan sponsor (it was a signatory since 2009 as a service provider). It took about four to five years to get key decision-makers comfortable including an ESG-themed fund in the lineup, said Lee Ballin, head of sustainable business at Bloomberg, an effort led by the Global Benefits Team to align the investment and retirement committee; senior business leaders; legal counsel; the professional development team and investor and retirement consultants. 

How Data Science Can Be Applied to Solve Public Interest Problems Without Losing Its Soul


This article is a preprint of the introduction to the special issue of the Journal of Technology in Human Services: Selections from the Data for Good Exchange in 2017 (jointly co-authored by Gideon Mann, Bloomberg’s Head of Data Science, and Cornell Tech’s Arnaud Sahuguet) (link).


This article is a preprint of the introduction to the special issue of the Journal of Technology in Human Services: Selections from the Data for Good Exchange in 2017 (jointly co-authored by Gideon Mann, Bloomberg’s Head of Data Science, and Cornell Tech’s Arnaud Sahuguet) (link).

Insights From Indonesia: Protecting Our Coral Reefs

By Antha Williams, Head of Environmental Programs, Bloomberg Philanthropies

Our oceans program, like all of our work at Bloomberg Philanthropies, aims to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. So it’s good news that the United Nations International Coral Reef Initiative has declared 2018 the International Year of the Reef. Coral reefs are home to one in every four fish in the ocean, and are a critical backbone of ocean ecosystems. Unfortunately, climate change threatens to destroy 90 percent of reefs in the next three decades.

PNC Financial Services Included in Bloomberg’s First Sector-neutral Gender-Equality Index


PNC Financial Services announced today that it is one of over 100 companies from ten sectors to join the inaugural 2018 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). Launched January 22, 2018, the reference index measures gender equality across internal company statistics, employee policies, external community support and engagement and gender-conscious product offerings.

The sector-neutral Bloomberg GEI follows the release of the Bloomberg Financial Services Gender-Equality Index (BFGEI), launched in 2016. PNC was listed on the 2016 BFGEI, as well.


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