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Making the Business Case for Workplace Environmentalism

EarthShare has released new research for the corporate sector about how lack of environmental purpose at work affects the bottom line, and what to do about it
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WASHINGTON, June 25, 2019 /3BL Media/ — EarthShare and partners today released a special report for the corporate sector, The New Business Imperative: Employees Turn Environmental Action into a Workplace Necessity. In the first research of its kind to specifically focus on the environment as an employee engagement driver, results indicate that if companies are to meet employee expectations for corporat

Creating Long-Term Partnerships that Stick

by Lauren Chasanoff

If you’ve been following our content this year, you’ve likely heard us mention a concept called “The Knitting Factor,” which brings together three key conditions that enable skills-based engagements between the private and nonprofit sectors to create strengthened, sustainable solutions that don’t come undone when partners part ways.

Engage the Chain: An Investor Guide to Engaging the Food Sector on Sustainability Risks


By Brooke Barton, Senior Director, Ceres 

In April, Greenpeace released video footage showing that a palm oil supplier for major food companies, the Hayel Saeed Anam Group was destroying large swaths of rainforest in Indonesia, despite concerted efforts by industry stakeholders to stop forest destruction in palm oil supply chains. The repercussions for Hayel Saeed Anam Group are still unfolding, but recent history suggests that the outcome may well involve financial consequences.

I Just Want to be Engaged!

Onsite Volunteer Focus Drives Employee Involvement and Engagement
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When my husband and I first started dating, before I worked at TWC, I used to vent to him about how disconnected I felt in my former job. “I just want to be engaged,” I told him one day. He immediately turned white and his jaw dropped.

Clearly we had different interpretations of what “engaged” meant. He imagined me planning our wedding after only a few weeks of dating. But I was talking about my desire to feel a connection between the work I was doing and my company’s role in the community.

We laugh about that moment to this day.

Legg Mason Supports Bottom Line College Students via Unique “Dorm Registry” Collection Drive

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Legg Mason is pleased to announce its success with the Bottom Line “Dorm Registry” Collection Drive, a fundraising initiative that took place this past summer, for the third consecutive year, in New York. 

CSR Benefits for Business: A Brief Summary - The Minute

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Today’s conventional wisdom says that having a corporate social responsibility strategy benefits business. It might be time to take a minute to re-cap just how. According to a new report by Working Wardrobes, a nonprofit that provides career and life skills, those benefits are several and major.

Shell Integrates Sustainability Into The Corporate Bottom Line - CSR Minute for August 15, 2013

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So I think changes that I’ve seen in the sustainability arena, especially in the corporate sustainability arena, are that sustainability has stopped being some sort of exotic kind of adjunct to the business. Increasingly, it’s becoming part of how the business makes decisions, how it decides where to invest in the kinds of policies that it adopts.  And I think business leaders increasingly are beginning to understand that the role of business is as far more than just, you know, the quarterly financial returns.

Chrysler Wins Top Safety Rating; Hershey to Source 100% Certified Cocoa; CSR Efforts Return Extra 4% to Bottom Line - CSR Minute for October 9, 2012

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Chrysler’s new Dodge Dart has been named a 2012 Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The vehicle, the first joint product of Chrysler and Fiat, scored the highest rating in each of the four crash test used by the IIHS to evaluate passenger safety. Chrysler just reported its best U.S. September sales in five years, with an increase of 12 percent.

What Does a Green Bottom Line Look Like?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
To survive in business, a company has to ultimately focus its attention on the color of the bottom line.   For each organization, the factors that determine how far into the traditionally viewed ‘red’ (negative) or ‘black’ (positive) have been very different.  However, what happens when the bottom line goal becomes ‘green’? 

Can One Eco Action Add Up to BIG Savings?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
How many eco actions does it take for them to count?   According to the post, Does Size Matter for Ideas?, "the basic logic we use is the bigger the idea, the bigger the value, but often that's not true. There's a myth at work here: the assumption that big results only come from radical changes."


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