Protecting What’s Irreplaceable With Guns...and Brands


By: Carol Pierson Holding

Several years ago, I visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya. Lewa’s owner’s goal is to set an example of how wildlife can be even more valuable as a source of tourism than for sale on the black-market, providing a model throughout Africa. I was there to assess potential branding opportunities. Virgin Air had committed to a corridor for migrating elephants. Lewa hoped there were others.

Bloomberg Aptitude Test Opens Doors for Young Professionals

Brazil students say BAT jumpstarted their careers

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More than 270,000 undergraduates worldwide have taken the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), a tool to evaluate their acumen to work in financial services. Started in 2010, the number of BAT takers keeps growing, with over 100,000 completing the exam in 2014 alone.

Growing Global Complince On Bribery & Corruption. Companies Doing Business Globally Should Be Keeping Up


As the increase in global enforcement, for corruption and bribery is on the rise, companies are in need to understand the changing landscape that can affect the way they do business domestically and internationally. Of course, the FCPA is the most notable regulation that companies are aware of when doing business, but there are a growing number of regulations that are coming around that mimic the same rules that are as well known as the FCPA.

Waste Not: How PepsiCo Brazil Is Putting Coconut Husks to Work

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As part of PepsiCo’s mission to deliver Performance with Purpose, nearly 93% of the total waste generated by PepsiCo-owned manufacturing facilities in 2013 was put to beneficial use.

Boeing, Embraer to Collaborate on ecoDemonstrator Technology Tests

Environmental flight tests expand cooperation between U.S., Brazilian manufacturers
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July 10, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Embraer S.A. (BM&F Bovespa: EMBR3, NYSE: ERJ) have announced that they intend to collaborate to test environment-focused technologies through the ecoDemonstrator Program in a joint effort to improve aviation's environmental performance. This expands ongoing cooperation between two of the world's largest airplane manufacturers.

GM Employees Impact Communities on World Environment Day and Beyond


Today is World Environment Day, the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to be a global platform for public outreach celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘”people’s day” for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates a positive impact on the planet.

What's Worse: FIFA Scandal or People Not Surprised Of The FIFA Scandal?


Regulations worldwide are increasing and it is no secret that other countries are beginning to take notice that corruption and bribery are seriously affecting their countries economic value. As corruption has the capabilities of infiltrating different countries, it also has the reach to go into any industry the global markets have to offer.

Volkswagen Video Game to Teach Road Safety

Providing youth road safety education in Brazil

In the face of an increasing amount of young drivers involved in fatal traffic accidents, Volkswagen of Brazil developed the educational video game "Autopolis".


In the face of an increasing amount of young drivers involved in fatal traffic accidents, Volkswagen of Brazil developed the educational video game "Autopolis".

Petrobas Fires Back at Its 3rd Parties


Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust is beginning to settle, the Brazilian Oil and Gas Company Petrobas, is looking to file suit against its subsidiaries to reclaim the damages lost during its investigation into bribery and corruption. The oil giant is looking to recover about $424 million against its engineering and construction firms. These firms were found to have over inflated the price of their services while skimming additional funds off the top.

Bridging Gaps in the Brazilian Rainforest

Caterpillar works to protect endangered forests in Brazil

Monica Salles, Caterpillar Corporate Responsibility consultant, is proud to be part of the ConBio Campo Largo project in southern Brazil. The objective of the two-year initiative is to preserve green, urban areas and protect endangered forests in Brazil, as well as improving public understanding of conservation.


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