BSR Conference 2019: Hubert Joly, Executive Chairman, Best Buy Co., Inc.

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In August 2019, the Business Roundtable declared that the purpose of business is to serve all stakeholders, not just shareholders. This fit in well with the vision of purposeful leadership that Hubert Joly had promoted during his time as Best Buy's CEO.

BSR Conference 2019: Roald Lapperre, Vice Minister for the Environment, Netherlands

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Climate change is a global and complex challenge. Ambition at both national and international levels is necessary, as well as cooperation between the public and private sectors.

BSR Conference 2019: Beth A. Brooke-Marciniak, Board Director and Former Global Vice Chair, Public Policy, EY

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 “You know what? You don’t do enough for women.”

When Beth Brooke-Marciniak, board director and former global vice chair of public policy at EY, received this comment from a friend at dinner, she was shocked at first, especially after years of mentoring women. Once the shock wore off, she realized that rather than just playing smart with her platform, she could make monumental change—and not just for women.

BSR Conference 2019: Seth Goldman, Co-Founder, Honest Tea; Executive Chair, Beyond Meat

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As the Co-Founder of Honest Tea and Executive Chair of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman has had years of experience working on healthier food and beverage options. While these types of products continue to grow in popularity, there are still obstacles to contend with, from consumer resources to upholding company values.

The Power of Humanity: Reflections From BSR19

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By: Katie Morris, Associate, Communications and Marketing, BSR

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Tomorrow, the BSR Conference 2019 will kick off in San Jose, California.

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The BSR Conference 2019 kicks off on Tuesday in San Jose, and our agenda is live.

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