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Case Study: How Optimizely Increased Its Employee Giving Results Sevenfold


John Leonard, Program Manager at Optimizely, knew his co-workers were very generous, but he didn't realize just how generous until he saw the results of the company's most recent annual employee giving campaign. After working with America's Charities' team of experts to come up with a customized strategic plan to guide the program and putting the recommendations into action, Optimizely's employee giving results increased sevenfold with more than 50% of employees participating. 

Business Sustainability: The Foundation for Intelligent Growth in 2011

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company

In what seems like an almost unrecognizable business environment from just a few years ago, our sustainability consulting practice finds executives are seeking action plans to capitalize on the positive economic growth outlook.  Focused on strategic planning and resource alignment, we find even the most eager executives still remain cautious.  Not wanting to repeat past mistakes, these business leaders often ask: what are the sustainable business growth

Why Monetary Circulation Is Critical to Business Sustainability


Have you ever observed a once thriving business, product line, or even an innovative idea suddenly begins to fail and eventually disappear?  Maybe it was a place of business you have been going to for years, and it is now closing down.  Why might this have happened?  The answer may lie in a second question: Was sustainability an engrained part of this company’s strategies and operations? 

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