Tips to Improve Mental Well-Being

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It is estimated that up to one-third of cancer patients in hospitals experience negative mental health effects. This Mental Health Awareness month, check out some tips below on how patients and their families and loved ones can help improve their mental health.

Alkermes Celebrates National Women's Health Week by Reminding You Why Regular Cancer Screenings Are Vital

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This National Women’s Health Week, Alkermes’ Director of Corporate and R&D Communications, Gretchen Murphy, shares her personal story and why regular cancer screenings are vital.

3 Ways to Advance Cancer Health Care Equity

Mary-Ann Etiebet, AVP of corporate responsibility, explains why inequity in cancer care is an urgent global health challenge

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their full health potential, and that includes access to cancer care. Cancer health care equity is an urgent global health and societal issue, and thankfully, the health care community is coming together to address cancer care disparities.

American Launches Fundraising Initiative to Help Cancer Patients Become Long-term Survivors

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FORT WORTH, Texas, August 23, 2021 /3BL Media/ — In the fifth year of its collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer® (SU2C), American Airlines is launching a monthlong fundraising initiative to support SU2C’s effort to make every cancer patient a long-term survivor. When American Airlines AAdvantage® members in the United States donate $25 or more on, they will receive 25 AAdvantage miles per dollar donated.

Wellness Tips for Cancer Patients

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The cancer experience can be highly emotional. However, prioritizing self-care may help cancer patients cope throughout their journeys. During National Wellness Month, check out these tips to make self-care a priority both during and after treatment.

Kids Helping Kids: Easing the Financial Burden of Childhood Cancer

Hailey’s legacy inspires funding to support kids undergoing treatment in Maine

When Hailey started fundraising to help kids like her—kids with cancer—pipeliners were among her earliest supporters.

Her dad was a pipeliner, and when her story spread among his colleagues, oil industry employees gave the little girl spare change and donations to help her raise funds to ease the financial burden of families with a child diagnosed with cancer.

“It was amazing to see them trying to help her,” Hailey’s mom Tabaitha Steward remembers. “Hailey was raised around pipeliners. They loved her; they were her family.”

Alkermes Employee Reflects on His Family's Experience with Cancer and How It Impacts His Work

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This Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month, Peter, an Alkermes employee, shares his personal connection to this type of #cancer and the immense impact it has had on an important person in his life. 

Alkermes Celebrates National Cancer Control Month

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National Cancer Control Month is dedicated to raising awareness for cancer prevention and treatment. At Alkermes, we are investigating new treatment options for cancer patients.

Alkermes Employee Strives to Make a Difference in Cancer Patients' Lives

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Meet Blake Finchen —an Alkermes employee driven by the memory of her father to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people living with cancer. 

Alkermes Shares Tips for Preventing Cancer and Spreading Awareness

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Though National Cancer Prevention Month has come to an end, Alkermes will not stop working to uncover potential new cancer immunotherapies. Share these tips that may help reduce the risk of cancer and help spread awareness.


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