Catalina Island

Video: Catalina Island Exits Mandatory Water Conservation

The recent rainstorms in Southern California filled the island’s main reservoir and ended nearly seven years of mandatory water conservation.
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The latest rainstorms to soak Southern California wreaked havoc on some parts of the state, but for Catalina Island residents and businesses, they brought welcome relief from a historic drought and seven years of mandatory water conservation measures.

Island Adventure: How One Teacher Found Connection With the Planet & Her Classroom


by Jessica Anderson

“We looked for harmful algal blooms – and we learned about how this is happening because of people and climate change. Fish eat these algae. Sea lions eat the fish. Scientists are seeing how harmful algae is affecting neurochemicals of the sea lions’ brains – and that was a memorable lesson for me,” says Clara Herrera, a fifth-grade teacher at Clayton Elementary School in Austin, Texas.

Volunteers Help Monitor Recovery of Catalina Island Reef

Edison International employees suit up in scuba gear to survey marine life at Casino Point Reef.

There are many ways to experience California’s beauty: a hike in the mountains, a stroll along the beach. Or, if you’re willing to squeeze into a wet suit, a dive underwater. There, you can explore the colorful ecosystems of rocky reefs and kelp forests.

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