Environmental, Health and Safety Management at Caterpillar


Caterpillar employees have found ways to implement innovative solutions that improve safety and lower the company's energy, water and waste costs, as well as reduce its environmental impacts.

Read more about Caterpillar's environment, health and safety management. 

Safety at Caterpillar


Caterpillar is dedicated to the safety of everyone. The company works with an extended team of contractors, dealers, suppliers and customers to encourage a focus on safety for their operations and employees. 

Learn more about Caterpillar's commitment to safety. 

Sustainability at Caterpillar


Sustainability is part of what Caterpilllar does every single day. Read more about Caterpillar's progress that involves a balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth.

Caterpillar's Environmental, Social and Governance Priorities and Approach


At Caterpillar, sustainability is a commitment to building a better world. For highlights on Caterpillar's performance on economic, environmental and social topics, including management processes and progress against its sustainability goals, check out Caterpillar's Environmental, Social and Governance Priorities & Approach.

Caterpillar Goals & Progress


Caterpillar has set aspirational, long-term goals for its operations and product stewardship. Learn how Caterpillar is making progress toward those goals.

Sharing the Value of Water


Water is a fundamental human need – yet one in nine people lacks access to clean and safe water. Learn how the Caterpillar Foundation, together with its nonprofit partners, is helping to bring awareness to this issue.

Creating Pathways to Cat Dealer Careers


A global company like Caterpillar depends on talented people to run dealerships, repair equipment and launch businesses that use Cat machines. Caterpillar is working to provide training and mentorship to those eager to take on these roles.

Learn more about Technicians for the World, an online program sponsored by Caterpillar that meets the growing need for skilled service technicians.

Caterpillar Working to Invest in its People


Caterpillar's workforce is made up of smart, diverse, committed people who work together to help build a better world. Read more about how Caterpillar is supporting its customers through groundbreaking solutions to giving back to its local communities. 

Process Improvements Lead to a Safer Workplace


Caterpillar employees at the Seguin, Texas, facility found a solution for unloading and packing finished engines onto shipping pallets – a process that previously presented safety and ergonomic issues.

Learn more about how Caterpillar's process improvements lead to a safer workplace. 


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