Caterpillar Global Parts EVC Program Delivers Profitability With Sustainability

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With thousands of suppliers, plants, dealers and customers in our value chain, there are opportunities to improve efficiencies in moving raw materials and finished products from point A to point B.

Click here to learn more about the Global Parts Engineered Value Chain (EVC) program, launched in 2015, to take advantage of a shrinking world and our global capabilities.

Caterpillar Bringing Reliable Energy to the Brazilian Amazon


The nearly half million residents of Roraima, Boa Vista, are separated from the rest of Brazil by the nearly impenetrable Amazon rainforest.

Click here to learn how Oliveira Energia, Caterpillar and the local Cat dealer, Sotreq, got to work designing, constructing and commissioning the UTE Monte Cristo Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 107 MW to serve 115,000 customers in Boa Vista and nine other municipalities in the state of Roraima.

CAT® D6T Fuel Efficiency


One of our most versatile dozers, the new fully automatic D6T, continues to drive customer value through dramatically improved fuel efficiency and ease of use.

Click here to learn more about the redesigns and enhancements made to the machine.

CAT 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel Fuel Efficiency


Fuel economy contributes up to 50 percent of the total cost of owning a hydraulic mining shovel.

Click here to learn more about how this is driving Caterpillar to constantly evolve its products to be more fuel efficient so that customers can reduce operating costs and emissions. By maximizing hydraulic system efficiency, the 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel has significantly reduced its fuel consumption.

Caterpillar Repowers for Rail

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Caterpillar’s rail subsidiary, Progress Rail, is one of the largest diversified providers of rolling stock and infrastructure solutions and technologies for global rail customers.

Click here to learn how by replacing old, inefficient engines and antiquated controls systems with new, state-of-the-art technology, the company’s repower programs provide customers with tailored and cost efficient solutions for upgrading older equipment.

500th Cat® Certified Rebuild

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Fifteen years after Caterpillar, Cat® dealer PT Trakindo and customer PT Freeport Indonesia signed a strategic alliance agreement, the group celebrated its 500th Cat Certified Rebuild in 2016.

Click here to read more about how the 500th Cat Certified Rebuild with PT Freeport Indonesia signifies much more than reuse of materials; it represents long-term business stability, community growth and brand loyalty for the mine. 

The Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing at Solar Turbines


Click here to read about how Solar Turbines has used Additive Manufacturing to produce and repair production components in-house.

Replacing conventional casting with these technologies allows Solar Turbines to develop and test components more quickly, produce components less expensively and repair components that would otherwise be scrapped.

Slag Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste at Caterpillar Mapleton Foundry


The Mapleton Foundry generates anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 tons of slag annually – a by-product from the iron melting process.

Click here to learn more about how Mapleton has developed a cost-effective slag recycling process with the assistance of Veolia Environmental Services.

Caterpillar Utilizes Simulation to Reduce Paint Waste

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One of the last stops in the manufacturing process is the paint shop, where our machines are coated in iconic Caterpillar yellow.

Read more here about how we are using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to evaluate how painting equipment operates, long before our iron even sees the painting facility.

Caterpillar Test Vehicle Washing Helps Save Water


Learn more here about how the facility in Qingzhou, China, identified a key opportunity to significantly reduce water consumption by redesigning the vehicle washing processes.  


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