CCSR Conference

// Hydro Ottawa’s Green Energy Initiatives

Renewable Electricity – The Way Forward

In 1882, Hydro Ottawa’s predecessor, the Ottawa Electric Light Company, first lit the streets of the nation’s capital using renewable green energy. Fast forward 130 years later, it’s a legacy that Hydro Ottawa, through its Green Energy initiatives, is proud to carry on.

// Social Entrepreneurship: “Air Miles for Social Change”


Andreas Souvaliotis, one of Canada’s most successful social entrepreneurs was the founder and CEO of the world’s first national incentive program for environmentally responsible and healthy lifestyles. Andreas  lived a remarkable journey and is incredibly passionate about changing the world – without sacrifice! In anticipation of his keynote address at this year’s Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference, we attempt to summarize some of his key thoughts.

// Tom Rand on Leadership and Climate Change

“The Frog in the Hot Water Effect”

According to Tom Rand, Managing Director at MaRS Cleantech Fund and author of “Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit”, we now have no choice but to rapidly “de-carbon” our economy. “This is the global, industrial economy’s end-game,” he says, adding that paring down on our carbon diet will be the most difficult thing modern humankind has ever attempted to do – “it makes putting a man on the moon look like a cakewalk”.

// Cause Branding 2.0

Is it time to redefine cause branding?


// CCSR Conference Highlights Canada Perspective

5th Annual CCSR Conference brings Canada Perspective on Corporate and Community Social Responsibility

The 5th annual Corporate and Community Social Responsibility (CCSR) Conference will be held on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at Algonquin College in Ottawa to celebrate and showcase excellence in CCSR. Participants will engage with experts from around the country and beyond to learn new ways that corporations work with their community and NGOs, and how such relationships improve productivity and enhance the bottom line.

Doing More With Less: Companies Should Learn from Benjamin Franklin

Rebalance your Money, People and Rules

“Doing More with Less”, the latest book by CSR expert Bruce Piasecki, outlines CSR strategies for businesses to use in accomplishing “a new way to wealth” in the 21st century. “Doing More With Less will also be the title of Piasecki’s keynote address at this year’s Corporate and Community Social Responsibility CCSR Conference.

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