Businesses and Educators Come Together to Transform the High School Experience

Words by Maggie Kohn

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Four years ago, things did not look good for Banneker High School in Fulton County, Georgia, about 15 miles south of Atlanta.

It was performing in the bottom 5 percent of all schools in the state. Six out of 10 students did not graduate. Teacher retention was abysmal, and an estimated 97 percent of students lived in poverty. The future for many of the students was bleak, and they knew it.

Carbon Reduction Challenge Awards Top Prize to Chick-Fil-A Intern


A Georgia Tech undergraduate student teamed up with Chick-Fil-A staff over the summer to reduce millions of pounds of heat-trapping greenhouse gases while delivering significant cost savings. Casey Erb, a third  year environmental engineering student, worked on a diverse set of carbon-saving projects, ranging from LED lightbulb retrofits in Chick-Fil-A parking lots to changes to the company’s car rental program. Directed by Prof.

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