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Nourishing Future Generations with Vitamin Angels

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Good nutrition is essential for a healthy start in life and the foundation for optimal growth and development. For pregnant women and infants, having access to the right micronutrients is especially important as a child who is well nourished in the crucial first 1,000 days of their life is ten times more likely to overcome life-threatening childhood diseases and will complete 4.6 more grades at school.

Winner Takes All: Adrish's Fight For Education

Schooling in India Is Complicated - Even More so for Families Living in Poverty

Winner Takes All: Adrish's Fight For Education

By Lindsey Quinn

"We were very worried about getting Adrish into school," Shanti confides. Like so many in Kolkata, India, she and her husband knew that navigating the lottery system to find their young son a decent and affordable school would be an uphill battle.

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