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Strategy Challenge Leads to a New Chapter for CPNYC

Posted by Anita, Debbie, Michael, & Rovic, Team Members for Children of Promise, NYC

For the four of us, the Strategy Challenge has offered a series of exciting opportunities to enhance our professional capabilities – presentation, client management and project management skills, to name a few— as well as an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zones to develop new skills. After working with our partners at Children of Promise, NYC for eight weeks, we faced one last challenge: the Final Event.

US Strategy Challenge: Sprint to the Finish - Final Event Preparations

by Michael, Morgan Stanley Team Member from Children of Promise, NYC

At this point, our team is in what we're calling the "working all hours phase" as we try to get everything done before the Strategy Challenge Final Event. Last week, we put in more hours than ever before on the project, in addition to continuing our day-to-day job responsibilities. We're practicing our presentation every day for different Managing Directors, the most senior executives at Morgan Stanley, as well as for our divisional teams. The support we've received for this project has been vast.

US Strategy Challenge: Wheels Are in Motion

by Rebecca, Children of Promise, NYC

The last eight weeks have flown by in the best way possible. Our partners at Morgan Stanley just finished their last presentation to Sharon and me, sharing the insight and analysis they developed about Children of Promise, NYC over the course of the Strategy Challenge.

US Strategy Challenge: Ready for the Challenge


Posted by Anita, Debbie, Michael and Rovic, Morgan Stanley, New York

We're thrilled and energized to be a part of the Strategy Challenge team partnering with Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC). Recently, we had a two-day training session so we could learn more about the Strategy Challenge process, understand how to think like a nonprofit consultant, and really get to know each other. We also started to delve into our strategic question – should CPNYC open a second program site in Harlem?

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