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Why Developers Should Welcome A Resource Revolution

Guest post by Richard Boyd, Materials Consultant, Advanced Technology + Research at Arup

The emerging concepts of circular economy and resource-efficient design offer opportunities for developers. By embracing these approaches, they can reduce costs, de-risk material price volatility, improve residual values and appeal to a new generation of firms and employees for whom sustainability is a key priority.

Canada’s Moving Towards a Circular Economy – Business Must Prepare Now


We are in the middle of a mega trend driven by climate change, resources scarcity, urbanization, social media and unbridled consumerism. Change will come, either a time of our choosing or at a time that is ecologically thrust upon us. Our best hope to get ahead of the curve is to shift towards a less wasteful and more circular economic model.

The Future of Sustainable Design


The next step in sustainable production is the circular economy, says founder and editor Starre Vartan. That means leaving behind today’s make, use, dispose model to create products transparently and with less impact. Such products will be built to last, but can be transformed, recovered or even used to improve the environment at the end of their life.

Is Innovation the Key to Successful Healthcare Plastics Recycling?

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Fall 2016 Meeting

In late September, HPRC convened its fall meeting in California, kindly hosted by Kaiser Permanente and Goodwill Industries. Besides the usual council meetings, we were pleased to facilitate a hospital roundtable to help foster connections and recycling insights within the region. The informal theme of the session became innovation, as we know the issues of hospital plastics recycling are complex and require creativity to address, and we were excited to hear about all the creative solutions hospitals are trying.

VIDEO | Full Circle with HP

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HP's product lifecycle approach focuses on reuse, reinvention, and reintroduction. HP products and services use proven methods and innovations to build a better world for everyone, as the company works to ensure everything HP produces comes full circle. Learn more about HP's commitment:

Antea Group Committed to a Circular Future

Recent Events Focus on the Circular Economy

Antea Group recently had the opportunity to participate in a number of forums and conferences related to a relatively new sustainability topic, the Circular Economy (CE), where the focus is on de-coupling business growth from resource consumption and environmental degradation. Read about some of the conversations and insights on the Antea Group blog.

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Convenes Workshop to Explore How Circular Economy Principles Can Be Applied to Healthcare Plastics in the EU

Press Release

OXFORD, England, October 5, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) convened a workshop today in Oxford, UK to begin dialogue on how circular economy thinking could be applied to healthcare plastics in Europe. This effort will enable greater recycling and reuse opportunities while reducing negative environmental impacts.

The Connection Between EVs, Batteries and a Clean Grid


The Chevrolet Bolt EV just received an EPA-estimated range rating of 238 miles per charge. And GM just committed to meet its entire electricity needs at all of its global operations using renewable energy by 2050.

Driving a Circular Healthcare Plastics Economy--Lessons Learned

HPRC at the CE100 NYC Accelerator
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HPRC Operations Director Peylina Chu presentated at the 2016 CE100 NYC Accelerator workshop on the lessons learned from HPRC's ongoing Chicago regional recycling project. Download the full presentation below, or check it out on Slideshare.


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