Clean Drinking Water

Understanding The Impacts Of Water . . . And Doing Something About It


When a 12-year-old girl in the United States is thirsty, she likely goes to the kitchen and turns on the tap. And she probably does so without thinking twice about it.

But that’s not the case for children everywhere. A 12-year-old girl in Uganda, for example, may travel by foot for more than an hour to collect water, which often isn’t clean, to share with her family for drinking, personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning. Both the trek and the quality of water can be dangerous.

True Purpose of Internet Sensation 'The Miracle Machine' Revealed

Faux machine turns spotlight onto Wine to Water, a charity tackling the global water and sanitation crisis

Internet sensation the “Miracle Machine”, the first affordable wine making device for the home, is not a real device – it is just a piece of wood. The fictitious miracle, fronted by wine entrepreneurs Kevin Boyer and Philip James of CustomVine, has generated extensive media coverage around the world since its unveiling nearly two weeks ago.

World Water Week: Water Cooperation-Building Partnerships

Creating a sustainable future for water

For most of us, we don’t where our water comes from. Questions like, “is it safe to drink,” and, “is the resource secure” rarely, if at all, cross our minds. In America we have access to clean drinking water and a tap that appears endless. It often doesn’t occur to us that water is a precious and limited commodity. However, the fact of the matter is that water is a finite resource. Water waste occurs all of the time and for a multitude of different reasons, one of them being unsustainable agricultural practices, which accounts for nearly 70% of the freshwater consumption globally.

Sustainability: Water

An Online Video Collection from NBC Learn and the NSF

“Climate change is changing the statistics, we can't use the past as avery good predictor anymore.”

Clean Drinking Water: SolarBag's Ambassador in Ecuador


Ambassador Programs

Technological advancements need ambassadors who literally put the technology in the hands of those who would benefit significantly from its use - technology transfer at the one-to-one level.  Over the last few years, Brand Ambassador Programs have been formalized and integrated into other PR, marketing, and social media initiatives. This post is about ambassadors as part of content creation and marketing campaigns in the service of sustainability at the intersection of clean tech and clean drinking water.


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