climate change denial

Did Facebook, Microsoft, and Google Really Just Sponsor an Event With a Climate Denial Session?


Did you happen to see the story the other day; Facebook, Microsoft, and Google were high-level sponsors of the libertarian student conference, LibertyCon, which featured a session denying climate change?

New Strategies Needed to Fight Climate Change

The Psychology of Fighting Climate Change

Climate change is a great risk to our world, maybe the greatest.  Climate change related threats like rising seas, drought, floods, and strains on food production threaten our way of life, and the lives of billions of others.  These changes are not all in the distant future - they are already underway today, and getting increasingly hard to ignore.  And yet, as a planet and a people, we’ve barely started to address this problem.  Greenhouse gas emissions dipped briefly in the midst of the Great Recession, but have since continued to soar, along with the global temperature.

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