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Is Going Paperless The Right Option For Everyone?


Washington Post journalist Lisa Rein recently wrote a feature on the issue of the paper industry’s response to the paperless trend in government, and the piece spawned some interesting follow-on commentary

The Travels of Market Pulp

Domtar pulp sales VP Lewis Fix looks at the growing market for market pulp in China

“You mean you actually make things and ship them TO China? Wow, I didn’t think that happened.” That was the surprised response from the traveler sitting next to me on a recent flight back from China, when I explained what it is I do. (When I asked him the same, he said he was in the “Christmas industry,” his company makes Christmas lights.)

News-On-Paper Initiative Demonstrates the Power of Paper

Press Release

Fort Mill, October 21, 2013 /3BL Media/ – A Domtar-sponsored news-on-paper initiative putting the latest Associated Press (AP) headlines on restaurant receipts in Washington, D.C. offers further proof that paper has value, the key message in the company’s award-winning “PAPERbecause” advertising campaign.

Domtar Procurement Forester Elected To FSC US Board

Luke Dillinger to serve on Economic Chamber
Press Release

October 1, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Domtar’s Luke Dillinger was recently elected to the FSC® US Board of Directors, to serve on the Board’s Economic Chamber for a three-year term to 2016. 

Opposites Attract: Five Branding Lessons PrintEco Learned from Our Partnership with Domtar


Domtar Corporation is one of the largest and most innovative paper companies in the world. Our company, PrintEco, is a two-year-old software startup with a mission to help save paper and ink and protect the environment. So when we announced our partnership with Domtar at SB ’13 in June, a lot of our friends were like, “Congratulations! Wait ...

Doing Sustainability the Right Way

Introductory video - Domtar Sustainable Growth Report 2012
Multimedia with summary

Owl Alert: One-Click Printing And Registration For Everyone At The Forest Academy


Cliquez ici pour la version française

Hi, I’m Owen, your Forest Academy tour guide! Have you checked out the Forest Academy website recently? I’ve added some new features and I think they’ll be popular with teachers and students alike.


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