Methane Emissions Far Worse Than U.S. Estimates, But Study Concludes Natural Gas Still Better Than Coal

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Emissions of the potent heat-trapping gas, methane, the main component of natural gas, are likely 50 percent higher than U.S. government has estimated in its official greenhouse gas inventory, says a new study that is the most comprehensive effort yet to assess the problem.

Germany Plans to Raze Towns for Brown Coal and Cheap Energy

Villages face the bulldozer as one of Europe’s renewable energy leaders leans more heavily on an old habit.

The German village of Atterwasch is tiny, its single street lined with sturdy brick and stone houses. The village has a single church whose bells peal out at noon each day, a small volunteer fire department, and a cemetery with a special section devoted to German soldiers who died nearby in the closing months of World War II.

Atterwasch may soon be gone.
Vattenfall, a Swedish energy company, hopes to relocate the village and its residents in order to strip-mine the ground underneath for lignite, or "brown coal."

Waste Management Wins Environmental Services Contract with American Electric Power

Waste Management Will Manage and Market Fly Ash
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HOUSTON, Nov. 13, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM) today announced that its Energy Services division has been awarded a contract to provide coal combustion product marketing and onsite landfill management services to American Electric Power (AEP) at three of its power plants in the Texas-Oklahoma region. Under the contract, Waste Management’s FlyAshDirect division will market fly ash, a substance generated during the combustion of coal, for reuse.

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: A Roadmap Towards Quantifying and Managing Natural Capital Risk


By Ivo Mulder, Liesel van Ast, and Rachel Mountain | 30 August 2013

“Despite mounting evidence, natural capital is hardly accounted for by capital and insurance markets. The Natural Capital Declaration aims to provide solutions.”

Here Comes The Sun: Adam Browning part II & Matt Wasson

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Last week on Sea Change Radio host Alex Wise spoke to Adam Browning, the executive director of Vote Solar, a non-profit organization that advocates for solar power adoption. This week, the second part of his discussion with Browning. We discuss the lessons we can learn from success stories like the German solar industry as well as high-profile flops like Solyndra.

Paying for Coal

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at COMMIT!Forum 2012, Part 4
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sat down with Video4Good at the 2012 COMMIT!Forum in New York.  In an extended interview, Kennedy discusses his career in the environmental movement and the impacts of business on the planet.  He explores the roots of environmental problems, analyzes the current situation and offers solutions for creating a healthy, prosperous future for society and the natural world.

Top Energy Stories for 2012 - Energy Minute for January 2, 2013

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2012 was the year when the subject of energy moved from the business and science news sections of newspapers and Web sites to the front and home pages. Top energy stories for the year include a Citigroup report that projects the U.S. as becoming energy self-sufficient in the next ten years; the recording of the highest average gas prices for any year—$3.52 a gallon; continuing controversies over the use of coal and nuclear energy, the Keystone XL pipeline, and fracking; and the recording of the lowest U.S. carbon emissions in 20 years.

The Center for Resource Solutions Announces That EU Services is 100 Percent Powered by Renewable Energy, and Coal will be Challenged by Sustainable Energy as the Main Fuel for Electricity by 2035 - Energy Minute for November 21, 2012

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The Center for Resource Solutions has announced that EU Services, a direct mail printer and services provider, has joined the Green-e Marketplace. EU has purchased enough certified renewable energy certificates to meet 100 percent of the total annual electricity needs for its printing facility and headquarters. The certificates are verified by Green-e Energy, the leading renewable energy certification in the U.S.

Moving Beyond Coal

Interview with Jack Darin of the Illinois Sierra Club
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In 1892, conservationist John Muir, along with many of his supporters, founded the Sierra Club.  The Sierra Club ( continues to tackle our Nation’s – and the world’s – most pressing environmental issues. The Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign ( strives to move the United States away from coal-powered energy and toward renewables, such as solar and wind. So far, the Beyond Coal campaign has stopped over 150 proposed coal-fired power plants!


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