Solar Powered: Providing Hot Water

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Solar Powered

JP Bilbrey, the President & CEO of The Hershey Company, shares how Enactus students in South Africa are soaking up the sun to make hot water accessible. To learn more visit


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Heat or Hope, What Do You See?

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Heat or hope, what do you see?

Enactus students from the United States saw a way to cultivate hope for disabled veterans by hiring them to help work a pepper farm. A seasoning is derived from the peppers and then sold to fund the farm’s operations. In addition to employment, the veterans find a source of therapy in nurturing their plants. How much more do veterans earn per week? Find out at:


Castaways or Commodities, What do You See?

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Castaways or commodities, what do you see?

An Enactus team in France saw a way to teach people with social and professional difficulties to collect and refurbish household appliances to sell, giving them finances for today and skills for future employment. How many people have been introduced to the importance of recycling? Find out here.


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Cultivating Opportunity: Growing Mushrooms

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Denise Morrison, President and CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company shares how Enactus students in China are transforming coffee grounds into fertile grounds. To learn more visit:


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Hope Springs Eternal: Spring Back Recycling


“Two community problems addressed with a simple, yet brilliant idea.”

–Doug McMillon, CEO and President of Wal-mart Stores Inc., speaking about the Enactus Belmont University team in this video about the Spring Back Recycling Project, a mattress recycling program that provides employment opportunities for those in need.

Fragments or Filtration, What do you see?

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Fragments or filtration, what do you see?

Enactus students from China saw a way to address lead pollution in a village’s water supply; using eggshells they filter the lead from the water safely and inexpensively, protecting the health and wealth of the villagers. How do eggshells help filter out lead? Find out at

Yarn or Lifeline, What do you see?

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Yarn or lifeline, what do you see?

An Enactus team from the Netherlands saw a way to empower Bhutanese women to knit scarves and other products to sell, and taught them how to run their own knitting workshops as a secondary source of revenue. What other skill do they learn while knitting? Find out at:

Hope Springs Eternal: Mattress Recycling

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Doug McMillon, President and CEO of WalMart Stores, Inc. shows how Enactus students in the USA are breaking down mattresses and building up lives.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Retired from Service or a New Beginning, What do you see?

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Retired from service or a new beginning, what do you see?

A Canadian Enactus team saw a way to salute veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces by teaching them valuable skills they could use to start a business and transition from military to civilian life. It has been such a success that it is now the official transitional program of the Canadian military. What does the Prince of Wales think? Find out at

Pottery or Preservation, What do you see?

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Pottery or preservation, what do you see?

A Nigerian Enactus team saw a way to maximize farmers’ harvests while cutting down on waste due to lack of refrigeration. By filling clay pots with fruit and burying them, the students taught farmers how to preserve their harvests and better their livelihoods. How much longer does the produce last? Find out at


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